You had one job! Kitchen appliances that only do one thing

It slices! It dices! It makes julienne fries! Show us a ‘80s infomercial, and we’ll show you a product that screams multitasker. For example, the Salad Shooter is a shredder and slicer. But there are lots of one-trick ponies when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their purpose in life is to do one thing. In some cases, it’s to do one thing well. In others, it’s to gather dust along with other Christmas gifts gone wrong. Of course, once people buy some of these devices, they find alternative uses for the counter-space stealers. Like waffle iron pizza! Ingenuity aside, these appliances were still manufactured for a single task. From the wonderful to the worthless, here’s a look at kitchen appliances that only do one thing.

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