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An FCC filing suggests Lenovo might have a new robot vacuum on the horizon

A new Federal Communications Commission filing suggests that Lenovo may have a new, self-emptying robot vacuum in the works. Although Lenovo is not explicitly mentioned within the FCC application, several of the photos depict a white robotic vacuum cleaner with Lenovo branding across its top. What’s more interesting is that the label is branded with Bagotte, a company that has produced at least five different robot vacuum cleaners, as well as juicers and air fryers.

Although Lenovo recently announced several new products at CES 2020, the company made no mention of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Lenovo is no stranger to the world of cleaning, however; the company’s X1 LDS Lidar robot vacuum is a popular choice among users due to its relatively low noise threshold and Alexa integration.

The FCC filing includes photos that show a base station the vacuum would dock itself into. The station looks to be large enough to hold several cycle’s worth of dust and dirt from the vacuum. The photos also show the vacuum, a standard-sized robot vacuum with two brushes at the front of the vacuum and a larger rolling brush in the center. If this new robot vacuum works anything like existing robot vacuum cleaners, the station would pull the debris from the vacuum into a removable storage bin that can be dumped into a trashcan.

Although little else is known yet about this new robot vacuum, if it is anything like Lenovo’s X1 LDS Lidar vacuum or the machines that Bagotte produces, users can expect it to come with voice control through Alexa or Google, intelligent room mapping and routing, and above-average suction ability.

Here’s hoping Lenovo will issue a press release within the next few months confirming the robot vacuum. If it follows the pricing guidelines of their previous model, you can expect the device to hover around $600, although it is possible this new model is slated to be a more budget-friendly option. Lenovo’s smart products are some of the most popular options on the market, particularly the company’s smart displays. With that in mind, a potential new robotic vacuum cleaner could be an exciting entry into the market.

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