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Level Lock Bolt Edition is a game-changing and disruptive smart lock

Level Home, a company that focuses on smart home innovations, has revealed its latest product. The Level Lock Bolt Edition is an “invisible” device that can turn any standard deadbolt into a smart lock. The company says the transformation takes less than 10 minutes using a screwdriver, and that the lock is meant to exceed the highest residential security ratings (ANSI GRADE 1/A).

“With every product we create, we start at square zero so we can strike the perfect balance between today’s cutting-edge technology and the practicality of our everyday living experience,” said John Martin, Level Home’s co-founder and CEO.
“Many smart home products on the market today are under-delivering — they’re over-engineered, complicated, and require people to change how they do everyday tasks. We believe ‘smart’ is invisible and must blend in with people’s homes and existing routines.”
What makes this lock invisible? It fits inside your current deadbolt. You can still use the same door keys. The only difference is that your lock becomes a smart lock. Users are able to talk to visitors through their door, use voice commands to control the door lock, and monitor door activity using Apple HomeKit and the Level App. Through the app, you can also give family members and friends virtual keys that they can use to unlock your door when you’re not home. The lock uses Bluetooth to make your visitor’s phone a key.
The Level Lock is also made to last. It was created with a patent-pending, six-stage, stainless steel gearbox. Its battery also has up to a year’s worth of battery life.
During the announcement, Level Home also talked about securing $71 million in funding through investments from Walmart and Lennar Homes. “Our mission is to help consumers remove inconveniences, so there’s more time for what matters — like family and friends,” said Walmart representatives​. “Level Home is transforming smart technology. By making it more convenient, secure, and easier than ever to welcome people into the home, they are opening up an entirely new generation of possibilities.”
Level Lock can be reserved starting Tuesday, October 15, via the company website. The product will ship to the general public starting in January 2020, according to the company.

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