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The Lifx Z TV strip can help light up your next movie-watching binge


Lifx got its start as a Kickstarter and was one of the original rivals to the Philips Hue, but the company has since branched into more decorative forms of light like the Lifx Tile. That innovation continues with the company’s newest products, a candle format bulb, and the Lifx Z TV Light Strip.

The immediate feature that sets Lifx apart from so much of its competition is that it does not require a hub. Unlike the similar Philips Hue brand of lights, Lifx bulbs connect directly to the Wi-Fi without the need of an intermediary connection point.

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The second notable feature is built into the new Candle Color product. It uses Lifx’s Polychrome Technology, which allows a single bulb to emit multiple colors of light at once. The technology has been previously used in Lifx’s more decorative lights, but this will be the first time it has ever been used in a light bulb.

The Candle Color is priced at $45 and is slated to launch in October. The bulb will make use of multi-colored LEDs that allow users to create a completely unique atmosphere. For example, one side of the bulb could be green to create an accent on the wall and the other could be a soft yellow to light the room. It can also mimic special effects through the Lifx app, like a flickering candle.

The new Lifx Z TV light strip takes advantage of one of the most popular uses of existing light strips: enhancing the television viewing experience. The LIFX Z TV strip also makes use of Polychrome Technology, which allows users to animate their lighting experience while using different colors. The strip is designed to be installed behind a television and create ambient lighting on the wall behind the TV. Studies have shown that this not only reduces eyestrain but also improves the viewing experience by creating darker contrast on the screen. The Lifx Z TV light strip is $70 and will be available in October at both Best Buy and from Lifx’s website.

Lifx has become the second-largest seller of smart lights in the world and continues to advance the market through innovation.

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