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This touch-activated LED lamp boasts 16 million different color options

Everyone knows that mood lighting matters, but not every lamp offers a multitude of options when it comes to brightness, color, or portability. Lucis has set out to solve all those problems by creating a completely portable mood lamp that offers brightness controls and over 16 million color options. The cube-shaped lamp is designed to fit into any social setting thanks to its fully customizable settings, and is totally touch-activated without any apps or fancy software.

Lucis focuses on sleek design, eliminating buttons and knobs on the cube itself in order to implement touch sensors on each side of the cube’s base. Internal sensors allow you to switch Lucis on or off just by shaking it,  while base-mounted touch sensors make it easy to cycle through the lamp’s 16 million different colors — without having to manually flick through that many options. The dimmable lamp itself features a 250 lumen strength, is completely wireless, and charges using a micro USB plug on a four-hour charge cycle for up to 80 hours of battery.

Pre-programmed light features make Lucis accessible for anyone who doesn’t want to fiddle with 16 million color choices. A lava lamp setting runs on a continuous one-minute cycle from yellow to red and back again, and Torch Mode activates bright white light for a more standard setting suitable for evenings and outdoors events. Lucis promises it is “splash proof”, which is probably not the same as waterproof but will certainly help if Lucis gets wet. The mood light function can also cycle through a brightness range from 30% to 100% on the setting of whatever color you select.

It only took Lucis five days to meet their fundraising goal of $15,000 on Indiegogo. Since then, they’ve reached a total of 122 percent of their flexible funding goal, surpassing $18,000 in backer pledges. A pledge of $39 will earn backers a Lucis lamp at the early bird price, and higher pledges unlock finished wood and aluminum bases, custom-made wooden tripods, sets of multiple lamps, and more. The Lucis team says it’s ready to give the production facility the green light, so if all goes according to plan now that they’ve funded the project, Lucis is expected to ship by February of next year.

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