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Chloe Olewitz

Chloe Olewitz

Chloe is a writer from New York with a passion for technology, travel, and playing devil's advocate. You can find out more about her at

nima handheld gluten detection device screen shot 2016 01 12 at 10 53 43 am

Pocket-sized gluten sensor aims to make life easier for celiac disease sufferers

Nima is a gluten testing device that can detect trace amounts of gluten, since tiny quantities are still harmful to some sufferers.
farmbot open source agriculture robot feature

FarmBot DIY agriculture robot promises to usher in the future of farming

FarmBot brings precision farming to individuals with a DIY, open source agriculture robot that is completely adaptable to any garden situation.
Underwater navigation sound waves help submarine location systems

DARPA is developing an underwater GPS alternative that relies on sound waves

DARPA is inviting proposals for an underwater navigation system that relies on acoustic sound waves in order to replace GPS, which doesn't work underwater.
hiv cure dna double helix

It's official: Nation's top scientific consortium declares GMOs safe and healthy

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have officially declared GMOs are safe, good for you, and good for the environment.
Windfloat turbine could power a quarter of Oahu's energy needs

Floating wind turbines in Hawaii could provide a quarter of Oahu’s power

Floating wind turbines off the coast of Oahu could provide a quarter of the island's power, advancing Hawaii's goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2045
Plastic six-pack rings kill hundreds of thousands of sea turtles every year

Saltwater Brewery’s new six-pack rings are compostible, biodegradable, and totally edible

Saltwater Brewery has created edible six-pack rings that are completely biodegradable to help keep plastics out of the oceans.
metal 3d printer circuits laser silver nanoparticles this uses lasers to solidify from

This 3D printer builds circuits out of silver nanoparticles while floating in midair

This 3D-printing technique developed at Harvard uses a high intensity laser to solidify metal filament from silver nanoparticles pushed through a nozzle.
Zika virus mosquito

Australia plans to supply its 2016 Olympic athletes with anti-Zika condoms in Rio de Janeiro

The Australian Olympic Committee will be providing Australian athletes in Rio with a special supply of anti-Zika condoms treated with VivaGel.
london testing driverless public transportation pods is transportations on the streets of greenwich

Forget driverless cars, London is going to test automated pods as a public transportation option

The London borough of Greenwich is set to be a test site for the GATEway project's driverless public transportations pods.
Captain America Civil War

Captain America superfan created an electromagnet shield that bounces back

A Captain America fan and Hacksmith tinkerer created an electromagnetic shield that bounces back to his arm, just like Steve Rogers' shield in the movies.
deadpool jumping off truck

One-of-a-kind electric ‘cycle cam’ bike helped film Deadpool’s flashiest scenes

A one of a kind 'cycle cam' mounted on a ZF9 electric motorcycle helped film some of Deadpool's most exciting motorcycle chase scenes.
Sonic net keeps starlings away from airfields to prevent bird strikes

Invisible ‘sonic net’ makes birds avoid airports, stops them from being obliterated by planes

A new technique to reduce bird strikes uses ambient noise that migratory birds don't like to keep them away from airfields and other dangerous areas.
Cloud seeding drone could help mitigate drought in Nevada

Make it rain: Nevada is experimenting with cloud-seeding drones to fight drought

Nevada is using cloud seeding drones for the first time ever to help increase rainfall and end the drought conditions plaguing the US west coast.
Optical illusion paintings on roads slow dangerous traffic

Painted optical illusion road blocks trick drivers into slowing down near school zones in India

Painted optical illusion speed bumps are getting drivers to slow down in Ahmedabad, India. The 2D creations look like 3D road blocks from a distance.
Sea urchin inspired grabber claw to collect Martian soil samples

This grabber claw was inspired by the terrifying mouths of sea urchins

Engineers at UC San Diego created a grabber claw inspired by the powerful mouths of sea urchins that could be used to collect samples of Martian soil.
Hubble space images used to create NASA video of journey to center of galaxy

NASA stitched together thousands of Hubble images to create this mesmerizing galaxy zoom

Now you can experience what it's like to travel to the center of the galaxy in a video that NASA created from images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Preparing horse for equine medical imaging scanner

This robotic CT scanner is made for horses, but it could revolutionize human scanning too

Medical imaging technology developed specifically for horses could revolutionize those claustrophobic CT scanners since there's no lying down required.
uae could build artificial mountain encourage rainfall

The United Arab Emirates wants to build a full-size artificial mountain to encourage rainfall

The United Arab Emirates wants to build a full-sized artificial mountain to encourage more rainfall in a country mostly covered by desert.
Adhesive beads could be used in both contraception and infertility treatments

Double whammy: These odd new beads could be used in both contraceptives and infertility treatments

Lab-developed beads are coated in a peptide called ZP2, and surprisingly could be used in both contraceptive methods and infertility treatments.
Pigro Felice inflatable furniture – mix and match lounge

Inflatable pods transform from patio lounges to chairs, pool floats and more

Pigro Felice's line of Modul'Air inflatable furniture is 2-in-1 perfection for deck lounging or pool floating all summer long.
spacex launching internet satellites red dragon mars 2018 006

SpaceX wins $83M Air Force satellite launch contract, ending Lockheed/Boeing monopoly

SpaceX won an $83 million GPS satellite launch contract from the US Air Force, bringing an end to the decade-old Lockheed and Boeing monopoly.
Bioluminescent chain catshark increases glow at deeper ocean levels

Bioluminescent sharks use their glow to communicate in the deep, dark ocean

Bioluminescent sharks use their green glow to communicate with each other at extreme ocean depths, intensifying brightness the deeper they swim.
Howard synesthesia mask lets you smell color

Incredible DIY synesthesia mask gives you the ability to smell colors — without taking drugs

Zachary Howard invented a synesthesia mask that lets you experience what it's like to smell color, and you can make your own with step-by-step instructions.
wildflower seed bombs help global bee population growth seedles

Throwable ‘seed bombs’ sprout wildflowers that support our dwindling bee population

Seedles is a San Francisco startup using seed bombs to grow wildflowers and help the global bee population flourish instead of dying off.
skysafe radio signals ground unauthorized drones uses frequency to wirelessly bring down

SkySafe bombards unauthorized drones with radio waves to wirelessly bring them down

SkySafe detects, identifies, and tracks drones, then uses radio frequency signals to wirelessly bring down drones flying without airspace authorization.
philip duck walks again 3d printed prosthetic feet

Legless duck walks again with 3D printed prosthetic feet built by middle schoolers

Philip the duck is learning to walk again with a pair of 3D printed prosthetic feet created by a Wisconsin middle school class.
Scott Fire Fighter

In-mask thermal imaging helps firefighters find victims trapped in burning buildings

Scott Sight is a firefighter mask with a built-in peripheral thermal imaging display to help firefighters find victims trapped in burning buildings faster.
gene edited crispr mushroom gets usda green light

USDA says OK to genetically modified mushrooms that don't bruise or turn brown

A genetically modified mushroom made with CRISPR gene-editing technology received the USDA green light and won't require regulation.
female sexual arousal disorder treatment stem cells cell

This new stem cell treatment could be a boon for women with sexual arousal disorders

A new treatment for sexual arousal disorder in women was created from stem cells, and Creative Medical Technologies has filed a patent on the technology.
Skin-layer digital display fitness tracker wearable tech

These insanely thin LEDs let you put a digital display on the surface of your skin

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed super thin digital displays that show fitness tracking biometrics on the surface of the skin.
Smart scalpel tested in pig brain cancer detection tool

Smart scalpel can distinguish between healthy and cancerous brain tissue during surgery

A new tool called the "smart scalpel" will help neurosurgeons to distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue while conducting brain surgery.
Embroidered circle antenna e-textile polymer

Could Ohio State University's super thin woven circuitry usher in a new era for wearable tech?

OSU's incredibly thin woven circuitry could usher in the future of truly wearable technology. It can be used to create embroidered broadband antennas.
nasa esail propels spacecraft faster than ever is testing e sail technology that will get to the edge of solar system

NASA wants to reach the edge of our solar system with a 25 mile electrostatic solar sail

NASA is testing E-sail technology that will get spacecraft to the edge of the solar system faster than ever. The sail is almost 25 miles wide.
DARPA gremlin drone fleet artist concept

DARPA’s new Gremlin drones fly back to their ‘mothership’ after completing recon missions

DARPA's Gremlin drones fly back to cargo ships for extraction after completing intelligence missions. The new tech will be approved by 2020.