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peek inside nevada solar plant 247 power molten salt array3

Take a peek inside Nevada's new solar farm that generates power 24/7 with molten salt

Take a peek inside Nevada's new solar farm that generates power 24/7 with molten salt. The plant can feed power to the grid any time of day or night.
med students

New procedure makes it possible to transplant organs from seemingly incompatible donors

A new procedure called desensitization will make it possible for doctors to transplant organs like kidneys and livers from incompatible donors.
Coachella VR remote live stream experience

Can’t make it to Coachella? Don’t worry – you’ll be able to watch it remotely with VR

Thanks to Coachella's app partnership with, fans will be able to live stream festival sets to a VR headset from the comfort of their homes.
Exo insect protein cricket flour bugs

Investors just bet $4 million that this startup will convince you to eat crickets

Bug startup Exo just raised $4 million in a Series A funding round. The company makes protein bars and other products from cricket flour and insect protein.
bios incube afterlife grows ashes trees iphone2

This biodegradable urn uses your ashes to grow a tree

Bios Incube is the world's first incubator for the afterlife. It grows ashes into trees in the comfort of your own home, watering the tree automatically.
hydrophone tech maps whales ocean whale tail

New acoustic mapping system can instantly find all whales in a 60,000-mile patch of ocean

A new hydrophone listening system could instantly map huge numbers of whales in oceans using passive audio recordings and sonar technology.
Air Shepherd drone program saves elephants and rhinos from poachers

Air Shepherd drone program spots poachers to protect elephants and rhinos

Air Shepherd drone program spots poachers from a distance to protect elephants and rhinos, and keep rangers safe so they can protect endangered animals.
Vantablack darker than darkest material

Scientists somehow made the world’s darkest material even darker than before

Scientists somehow made the world's darkest material even darker than before, by increasing Vantablack's light absorption to unmeasurable levels.
web application lets you experience dyslexia alphabet soup

Ever wondered what it’s like to have dyslexia? This web application will give you an idea

This web application lets you experience a simulation of dyslexia. Developer Victor Widell created a Javascript app that makes letters jump around the page.
directv now channel list pricing release date watching tv remote

Can’t remember that movie? This AI video search helps find films from the details you know

This video AI will help you remember the name of that movie with that guy when you just can't remember the name.
UEFA soccer league goal-line technology

Missed it by that much — UEFA to introduce goal-line technology in 2016

UEFA's Champions and Europa league finals will use goal-line technology this year, and will launch for official use throughout next year's season.
monkeys control wheelchairs with minds thanks to a brain implant  these can their

Thanks to a brain implant, these monkeys can control wheelchairs with their minds

Thanks to a brain implant, these monkeys can control wheelchairs with their minds. In the future, the technology could be used by paralyzed humans.
dreem improves performance deep sleep quality rythm

This wearable boosts health & productivity by extending your restorative deep sleep phase

Rythm's Dreem headset improves daily performance by extending the restorative deep sleep phase. It is the world's first active sleep improvement wearable.
MobilECG heart rate monitor business card

This incredible business card has a built-in heart rate monitor and ECG display

MobilECG created a heart rate monitor that fits inside a business card. The product is just a toy, but it is drawing attention to affordable ECG tech.
ikea considers Ecovative Mushroom Packaging for eco-friendly solution

Ikea is considering shipping furniture with eco-friendly ‘Mushroom Packaging’ instead of Styrofoam

Ikea might start shipping its famous flat-pack furniture with eco-friendly, fungus-grown packaging instead of polystyrene, which harms the environment.
Virtuali-Tee Curiscope t-shirt and mobile app

This VR t-shirt teaches anatomy by letting you virtually peer inside someone’s body

Virtuali-Tee is a VR-enabled t-shirt that gives kids an immersive anatomy lesson. The mobile app brings the 3D experience of a body adventure to life.
liquid metal material conductive while stretching researchers created a polymer that holds conductivity 4 times its size

Engineers have created a liquid metal circuit that can stretch to 4x its normal size

Researchers in Switzerland created a liquid metal polymer that is the first fully flexible, stretchable material that is embedded with tech circuitry.
SensorTape electrical circuitry roll

MIT’s new sensor-loaded duct tape makes DIY electronics a snap

SensorTape is a sensor-packed roll of electrical circuitry straight out of MIT. The tape is designed to be easy to use without programming or DIY skills.
uv pro shoe sanitizer sterilizes sweaty kicks uvproelite

This reusable sanitizer uses UV light to murder odor-causing microbes living in your shoes

The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer is a sterilizing solution for your sweaty kicks, and it kills almost 100% of bacteria and fungus that can cause skin issues.
us navy training celestial navigation avoid gps sextant

Fearing a possible GPS outage, the U.S. Navy resumes teaching celestial navigation

US Navy officers are training in celestial navigation so they won't have to rely on GPS technology
KYON smart dog collar on leash.

The Kyon smart pet collar is like an Apple Watch for your dog

KYON is the world's smartest pet tracker, and it looks just like a regular collar. The device is packed with sensors to help understand your dog's health.
Fujitsu Estrus Detection System for Cattle fitness wearable cows

Fujitsu made a wearable for cows, and it could boost breeding efficiency in a huge way

Fujitsu made a cattle fitness tracker to improve breeding. The pedometer can tell when cows are in heat, helping farmers with artificial insemination.
boston dynamics new atlas robot best humanoid yet screen shot 2016 02 24 at 7 03 06 am

Boston Dynamics’ latest generation ATLAS robot is more agile and humanlike than ever

Boston Dynamics' new ATLAS robot can squat, pick up boxes, and get up after falling down, all thanks to an updated system of sensors and circuitry.
Ra strap light campgrounds area lighting

These flexible ‘strap lights’ clip to your gear with magnets, outshine headlamps

Ra is a strap light packed with powerful LEDs and rare-earth metal magnets so it's hands-free and completely adaptable for all kinds of outdoor adventures.
oral b genius toothbrush location tracking technology lifestyle

New Oral-B toothbrush uses location tracking to check your brushing technique

The new Oral-B Genius toothbrush uses location tracking through motion and acceleration sensors and a face-recognition algorithm through its mobile app.
3d printing academy awards original 1929 oscars 88 32 oscarblog medium

This year’s Oscar statues were cast from 3D-printed scans of the 1929 originals

The Academy Awards worked with Polich Tallix to create the 2016 Oscar statuette, inspired by the original 1929 design thanks to 3D printing and modeling.
copenhagen smart traffic lights prioritize buses bikes bike man

Denmark’s smart traffic signals prioritize buses and bicycles to promote sustainability

Copenhagen's smart traffic signals prioritize buses and bicycles to promote sustainability by making environmentally-friendly commuting easier than ever.
free robotic lawyer appealed 3 million parking tickets ticket robot

A 19-year-old kid built this free robo-lawyer, and it has already appealed over $3M in parking tickets

This free robotic lawyer has appealed more than $3 million in parking tickets, and was built by a 19-year-old British programmer named Joshua Browder.
osrams 3 led bulbs last for 10 years osram sylvania 10year family

$3 gets you an Osram LED light bulb that lasts for 10 years

Osram Sylvania is releasing a new super cheap LED lightbulb that lasts for ten years instead of the standard 20+, and also only costs $3 to buy.
pew human enhancement bionic arm

Mind-controlled robotic arm lets users wiggle individual fingers with just a thought

A new prototype of a mind-controlled prosthetic arm can wiggle individual fingers with just a thought thanks to brain mapping and programming technology
stephen hawking black home hole

Astronomers just snapped photos of the most massive black hole we’ve ever observed

The Hubble Space Telescope captured new images of distant galaxy NGC 4889, home to a supermassive black hole measuring 21 billion times the size of the Sun.
data storage technique packs 360 tb glass disk eternity eternal 5d 2

This tiny glass ‘Superman memory crystal’ stores 360TB for eternity

New data storage technique can pack 360 TB of info onto a tiny glass disk, and store it for eternity. The nanostructured glass stores info in 5D.
edward snowden twitter qna featured

Edward Snowden digs this mass surveillance sim, Need to Know

'Need to Know' a mass surveillance simulation game so cool, it got the Snowden nod of approval while raising funds on Kickstarter.
coeio mushroom laced infinity death suit

Why waste a coffin when you can decompose in a ‘mushroom death suit’?

Startup Coeio is launching mushroom-laced Infinity Burial suits. The organic burial process is designed to protect the environment and help decomposition.