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Latest by Chloe Olewitz

Mice with implanted 3D printed ovaries birthed healthy pups

Biologists just made infertile mice fertile again by giving them 3D printed ovaries

3D printed ovaries developed by scientists at Northwestern University have allowed implanted mice to successfully give birth to healthy pups.
aum affordable prosthetic voice box india screen shot 2016 04 12 at 10 37 am

This prosthetic voice box helps throat cancer patients regain speech, and it costs less than $1

Dr. Vishal Rao invented a prosthetic voice box helps throat cancer patients regain speech, and it costs less than $1 to make it affordable to more people.
festo freemotionhandling sphere drone gripper fmh1

This giant orb drone uses a chameleon-like tongue to snatch small objects

FreeMotionHandling is an autonomous spherical drone with a robotic gripper arm that can pick up and deliver any object to wherever it is needed most.
Zika mosquito gene drive - aedes aegypti

Forget gene editing. Our best weapon against the Zika virus is a trap made from old tires

Researchers from Canada and Mexico have developed a way to use Zika mosquitoes' own pheromones to trick them into laying their eggs in traps.
World's smallest pacemaker approved by FDA

The world's tiniest pacemaker is no bigger than a vitamin, and it was just approved by the FDA

Micra Transcatheter Pacing System, the world's smallest pacemaker, just received FDA approval. It is one-tenth the size of traditional devices.
An airplane coming into land.

These adjustable tint airplane windows could replace those pesky plastic shades forever

Vision Systems is replacing airplane plastic window shades with these photovoltaic dimmable windows that go from transparent to opaque in no time.
Janus pills affix to GI tract for extended drug release

MIT’s new pill sticks to your gastrointestinal tract for a slow, long-term drug release

MIT engineers developed a pill that sticks to the GI tract for long-term controlled drug release. One side is adhesive, the other repels food particles.
experimental bioluminescent jewelry glows living algae dinoflagellate1

This experimental jewelry is filled with bioluminescent algae, so it glows in the dark

An experimental bioluminescent jewelry line features a necklace that glows in the dark with tiny blooms of living algae in a glass vial.
champagne gun sprays 23 feet bubbly this is a real thing  for when putting your thumb on the bottle isn t enough

A gun that shoots champagne? A gun that shoots champagne.

This champagne gun is a real gadget that sprays bubbly up to 23 feet away, for when putting your thumb on the shaken bottle isn't luxurious enough.
bsi robot ethics guidelines arousal

Robo-love? Study shows that humans get aroused when asked to touch intimate robot body parts

According to a Stanford study, humans experience physiological arousal when touching robot body parts like the eyes and the buttocks.
modular customizable mosquito drone 3d printed bonadrone 009

Upgrades and replacement parts are just a few clicks away with this customizable 3D printed drone

Modular, customizable 'Mosquito' drone is made almost entirely from 3D printed parts and comes in two versions: one for DIY assembly, and one ready to fly.
3D-printed sensors disguised as vulture eggs helping conservationists save species

These sensor-packed fake eggs are helping revive endangered vulture populations

3D-printed, sensor-packed eggs are helping save the vulture population by creating a perfect cover for conservationists to collect incubation data.
bacteria in a petri dish

MIT biologists have developed a programming language for bacteria

A new programming language allows scientists to custom-code bacteria that can measure the health of other cells, and administer drugs when necessary.
transparent wood buildings windows solar cells wooden  newly developed material could be used in and more

Newly-developed transparent wood could be used in buildings, solar cells, and more

A new transparent wood material could be used in buildings, solar cells, and more. The wood veneer is chemically engineered to let light through.
sleep underwater paris aquarium sharks airbnb de shark

Sleep with the fishes (and sharks) in Airbnb's underwater aquarium bedroom

Airbnb is holding a contest to send three winners to sleep with the sharks under the Paris Aquarium in a temporary bedroom hosted by shark diver Fred Buyle.
Nanostructure material makes clothing that cleans itself in the sun

New nanotech fabric dissolves odor and stains whenever it’s exposed to bright light

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne developed a nano-enhanced textile that could be used to make clothes that clean themselves in the sun.
smell dating meet soulmate sniffing sweaty tshirts shirt

Is this a joke? Smell Dating service lets you find your soulmate by sniffing sweaty t-shirts

Smell Dating lets you meet your soul mate by sniffing sweaty t-shirts, since smell is the most evocative sense and is connected intimately to emotion.
edible cutlery protect environment india bakeys ec

To reduce plastic waste, this Indian startup thinks we should start using edible spoons

Edible Cutlery is a completely biodegradable product so that if you eat the spoon or toss it outside, no plastics are introduced to the environment.
3d printed dress petal kinematics nervous system kinematic petals

This 3D-printed dress is made of 1,600 interlocking petals

The Petal Kinemetics dress is completely customizable, and its thousands of plastic petals are 3D printed in a complete, ready to wear piece.
Save endangered species using LED fishing nets

Research suggests that LED-studded fishing nets can reduce sea turtle bycatch by 64 percent

These fishing nets light up with LEDs to keep turtles from getting caught and killed unnecessarily. The nets are highly affordable and very efficient.
worlds first 3d printed drug hits market today the world s  fda approved

The world’s first 3D printed, FDA-approved drug hits the market today

The world's first 3D printed drug hits the market today. Spritam was previously approved by the FDA, but the tablet is now available to US consumers.
AI writes novel for Japanese literary prize

A Japanese A.I. program just wrote a short novel, and it almost won a literary prize

A novel written largely by an artificial intelligence passed the first round of screening for a national literary prize in Japan.
dna and viriginity double helix

Citizens of Kuwait must now register their DNA with the government or face hefty fines

Kuwait has become the first country to make DNA registration mandatory for all citizens and foreign nationals in order to compile a national database.
US Air Force members crowdsourcing name for new B-21 stealth bomber

Planey McPlaneface? The US Air Force wants the Internet to name its new stealth bomber

The US Air Force is going to let the internet name its new stealth bomber, but it is limiting submissions to members of the Air Force both past and present.
nasa sending 3d printer to iss 3dp hardware short

NASA is sending a special zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station today

NASA is sending a new version of Made In Space's 3D printer to the International Space Station today, on a scheduled launch of the Cygnus spacecraft.
sonar phone voice biometrics mouth face

Amazing new video tweaking program lets users edit a person's lip movements in real time

A new system called Face2Face lets you dub the face of the speaker in any captured video to make it look like the person is saying whatever you want.
maldives worlds largest underwater restaurant

The world’s largest underwater restaurant is set to open later this year in the Maldives

The Hurawalhi Island Resort and Spa in the Maldives is expected to open the world's largest underwater restaurant and event space later this year.
oombrella smart connected umbrella day rest

Oombrella is an un-losable umbrella that’s built to withstand high winds and heavy rain

Oombrella is a smart, social umbrella packed with environmental sensors. Get real-time weather updates to your phone, and never lose your umbrella again.
harvard nanowires instantly tunable window frosted glass

Bye-bye, blinds: These windows turn opaque with the flick of a switch

A team of Harvard engineers invented a tunable window that changes from transparent glass to completely opaque in less than one second.
hykso wearable sensors improve boxer performance hykso1

New boxing-focused wearable tracks the type, speed, and power of your punches in real time

Hykso wearable wrist sensors measure boxers' punches and attacks in real time in order to help to improve performance, accuracy, and strategy.
ufc guardlab custom 3d printed mouthguards partnered with to bring fighters

The UFC plans to equip fighters with custom 3D printed mouth guards that absorb impacts

UFC has partnered with GuardLab to encourage the use of mouth protection by creating custom 3D printed mouthguards for fighters.
Harvard self-actuated origami material

Origami architecture? New shape-shifting material from Harvard could make it possible

A new material developed by Harvard engineers and inspired by origami could make adaptive, foldable buildings, portable shelters, and more.
matchbook packed with 8 worlds tiniest flashlights matchbooks31

Need a light? This matchbook is packed with 8 match-sized LED flashlights

The MBI MatchBook is packed with 8 of the world's tiniest flashlights. They are waterproof, magnetic, and last for 8 hours on a lithium battery charge.
safeair drone parachute deploys less than one sec

ParaZero drone parachute deploys automatically when your UAV starts falling

ParaZero has created a SafeAir drone parachute that deploys in under one second, and can even activate automatically without human intervention