Sleep with the fishes (and sharks) in Airbnb's underwater aquarium bedroom

If Airbnb has its way, “sleeping with the fishes” might soon become more than just a euphemism. Earlier this week, the company kicked off a contest that will put three winners to bed in a glass enclosure underneath the Paris Aquarium. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the sharky sleepover will also be hosted by Fred Buyle, a record-breaking freediver and dedicated shark lover.

The bedroom sits about 32 feet underwater, and is completely surrounded by glass, so you can watch the aquarium’s 35 sharks in 360 degree panoramic views. So that you don’t freak out when you realize a few panes of glass are the only thing separating you from 3,000,000 liters of water and more sharks than you’ve ever seen before, Buyle’s guidance is a big part of the underwater experience. When you are escorted into the bedroom, Buyle will go for a dive in the tank to familiarize you with your new finned roommates.

After the contests, marine biologists will use the enclosure to study the habits and behavior of one of the world’s most feared creatures. Many biologists and conservationists believe that sharks are kinder and more gentle than they’re given credit for, and people like Buyle are out to prove it. For those who may be interested in sharks but really are afraid, the house rules for the underwater bedroom include tips like “No sleepwalking or night swimming”, “Keep your heads and feet in the bedroom at all times,” and “sheep can’t swim, so count sharks instead.”

Contest winners will also be treated to a private tour of the Aquarium de Paris, which was also the world’s first aquarium when it opened in 1867. And for winners located outside of Paris, the prize includes round-trip airfare. Since the enclosure is only available as a bedroom for the sake of this contest, winners will have to attend the exclusive underwater event on April 11, 12, and 13. To enter the contest, you’ll have to create an Airbnb account and complete a brief essay explaining why you should be the one to spend a night with the sharks of the Paris Aquarium. The deadline is April 3rd, 2016 at 11:59 CET, so shark-lovers of the world, get writing! You could be sleeping with the fishes (literally, not proverbially) before you know it.

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