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Hello Barbie Dream House wi-fi connected voice activated smart home

Cue the doll dance party: Hello Barbie's Dream House is smart and voice-activated

The new Hello Barbie Dream House is totally voice activated, but it's presenting a lot of security concerns because it is also completely Wi-Fi connected
nyc skyscraper brings high line indoors bjarke ingels group the spiral 0011

This New York City skyscraper looks like it’s wrapped in a wreath of gardens

A new NYC skyscraper designed by Bjarke Ingels brings the High Line park indoors in order to create green spaces and an open air environment for offices.
tittle mood lamp 3d display light feat

With 512 LEDs in an app-controlled cube, Tittle is like fireworks for your desk

The Tittle light is an interactive mood lamp with a 3D display composed of 512 LED pins. It can show 3D animations, music visualizations, and send emojis.
sleep guardian plus wakes kids up before nightmares the gently they enter night terror territory

The Sleep Guardian Plus gently wakes kids up before they enter nightmare territory

The Sleep Guardian Plus gently vibrates a child's mattress in order to wake him up before nightmares start, so he can fall back asleep without fear.
flash drives for freedom smuggles foreign media north korea

Smuggled into North Korea, your old flash drives could help topple a dictatorship

The Flash Drives for Freedom campaign smuggles foreign media like films, movies, interviews, and website archives into North Korea under the regime's ban.
latch smart lock apartment buildings access feat

Latch is making its first smart lock available only to apartment owners, not individual tenants

The first Latch smart lock will only be available to real estate developers, so entire apartment buildings will feature Latch as their door entry system.
Diamond Aircraft autopilot

Amazing new autopilot system can safely land a plane if the pilot is incapacitated

An autopilot system from Diamond Aircraft can identify when a pilot is in danger and safely land the plane if the pilot is incapacitated and can't respond.
turning mosquitos male brazilian genetically modified 3

With no vaccine available, biologists consider using controversial 'gene-drive' technique to stop Zika

A gene drive to introduce DNA changes to the aedes aegypti mosquito could remove the threat of Zika virus, but is packed with ecological controversy.
Cockroach inspired prototype robot search and rescue

This super-flexible search and rescue robot was inspired by the American cockroach

A prototype for a new kind of search and rescue robot was inspired by the durable and flexible exoskeleton of the American cockroach.
cotton candy capillary electrospinning organ growth blue

New cotton candy-inspired technique is helping scientists build artificial capillaries

A bioengineer at Vanderbilt University has successfully used an adapted cotton candy machine to electrospin systems of artificial blood vessels.
netflix fall favorite tv shows millennials watching movie

Feerless app displays pop-up trigger warnings on Netflix to warn people with PTSD

Feerless is a Google Chrome extension that displays pop-up trigger warnings on Netflix so that people with PTSD can look away or fast forward.
dna testing 23andme morning person gene woman coffee tea

Massive genetic study from 23andMe suggests there might be a ‘morning person’ gene

A huge study conducted by genetic analytics company 23andMe suggests that there's a "morning person" gene, and finds the benefits of being an early riser.
mit unhackable rfid chips

MIT engineers have developed a new kind of RFID chip that’s nearly impossible to hack

MIT and Texas Instruments have developed unhackable RFID chips to prevent common security hacks and fix vulnerabilities in the existing technology.
anouk wipprecht mechatronic wings lego mindstorms mech dress

These wearable mechatronic wings react to stimuli, and you can make them with Legos

france solar roads 2020 colas  route solaire wattway

France plans to build 1,000 kilometers of energy-collecting solar roads by 2021

Stanford team proves Cambridge and Colbert wrong: Spider-Man can definitely climb walls

A team of Stanford researchers has proven Cambridge and Stephen Colbert wrong with Gecko Gloves, demonstrating how Spider-Man can climb walls.
DeltaStream system turbines power 10,000 homes Wales

Wales tests a generator that uses ocean tides to power 10,000 homes

The first tidal generator is being tested off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales. When fully operational, it could generate enough energy for 10,000 homes.
Drone Racing League pilots

Pro drone racing is dizzying, insane, and just started its first official season

The first competitive drone racing league launched in New York City this week, with six events already scheduled for the 2016 season.
modernized wood stove lowers carbon footprint mulciber

The Mulciber modernizes traditional wood-burning stoves to burn wood better

The Mulciber is a modernized wood stove that could lower your carbon footprint and protect the environment by burning wood resources more efficiently.
flipping manual elegant homes whiskey glasses gift worthy watches winter road

New conductive concrete can de-ice itself to keep roads and runways safe for travelers

New conductive concrete uses an electric current to melt away snow and ice, keeping roads and runways safer for travelers
tesla lighter self charging electric arc screen shot 2016 01 25 at 2 52 27 pm

This ingenious new lighter ignites things with an electric arc, recharges with a few shakes

The Tesla lighter uses electromagnetic induction to create an electric arc that can be used to spark a fire, instead of an open-flame lighter.
bikes, brilliant bicycle co, single speed

Germany is building a 100-kilometer ‘Bicycle Autobahn’ exclusively for cyclists

The Bicycle Autobahn is currently under construction, and when it is completed it will stretch for 100 kilometers of exclusive cyclist access.
nasa astronaut class 50 percent female screen shot 2016 01 21 at 12 29 47 pm

One giant leap for womankind: NASA's new class of astronauts is officially 50 percent female

NASA only inducts a new class of astronauts once every five years, and this year's class is 50 percent male and 50 percent female for the first time ever.
carapace cad software perfect custom wetsuits 6890567 l

LA-based startup Carapace uses algorithms to make custom-fit wetsuits that won’t break the bank

Carapace Wetsuits uses algorithmic CAD software to create custom wetsuits for every customer. A tailor hand-sews every wetsuit from user measurements.
tiny brain sensors dissolve completely after use dissolution of nfc system

Scientists create tiny brain-scanning implants that dissolve completely after use

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed tiny brain monitoring implants that dissolve completely after use.
ripple maker latte art

Print selfies onto your next coffee shop latte with the Ripple Maker app

The new Ripple Maker app lets you turn photos and messages into latte art that the Ripple Maker machine prints into your coffee foam.
3D printed water bongs three designs PrintABowl Washington

Print, Puff, Pass: This Washington-based startup uses 3D printing to make glass bongs

PrintABowl is a Washington-based company creating limited edition, 3D printed water bongs for recreational cannabis use.

Never get stranded on the tarmac again: new MIT system cuts down airplane queue time

A new queuing model from MIT is designed to cut down waiting times on airport runways. It analyzes travel factors in order to predict and manage runways.
worlds first functional 3d printed tourbillon watch the world s fully pocket

The world’s first fully functional 3D-printed pocket watch

Christoph Laimer created the world's first fully functional 3D-printed tourbillon pocket watch. Almost all its parts are 3D printed.
Here Active Listening System - exclusive Coachella audio release

Coachella attendees will get early access to Doppler Labs’ sound-tweaking ‘Here’ earbuds

Coachella fans will get exclusive early access to the Here Active Listening System, a mobile app that lets listeners control their own audio experience.
intel adrenaline dress morphs based on stress

Intel's morphing Adrenaline Dress will transform when it detects elevated stress levels

Intel's Adrenaline Dress uses the sensor-packed Curie Module to detect the wearer's stress level and expand and contract based on adrenaline response.
EMILY, the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard

Greece is using drones and robotic lifeguards to rescue shipwrecked Syrian refugees

Greece is using drones and robotic lifeguards to rescue refugees that fall victim to shipwrecks while making the dangerous crossing from Syria
smart ski airbag vest inflates to protect skier detects changes in motion inflate into a full if you fall on the slopes

Smart ski vest can detect when you’re falling, deploy airbags before you hit the ground

The Smart Ski Airbag Vest from In&Motion detects changes in movement. If a skier is in danger, it inflates into a full airbag in under 100 milliseconds.
Veja sustainable sneakers - color print

Veja sneakers are completely eco-friendly and they actually look stylish

Veja sneakers are completely eco-friendly and sustainable, but they are actually stylish and have become hugely popular in Paris thanks to their chic look.