With 512 LEDs in an app-controlled cube, Tittle is like fireworks for your desk

The Tittle light is an interactive LED lamp that promises to bring a little lighting fun to your home. Named after the dot on top of the letter “i,” the Tittle packs 512 LED dots into a cube shaped lamp that you can control from your phone. Since the lamp is Wi-Fi connected, Tittle and its mobile app hope to bring some creativity back into mood lighting.

For basic uses, Tittle can work a regular lamp by your bedside or desk by adjusting the brightness and focusing on white light. But the more fun options rely on the three dimensional layout of the 512 LED pins. Creative lighting features include custom 3D animations like hearts and emojis and mood lighting settings. Some of the preset mood lighting designs are meant to mimic cozy scenery like a snowstorm or a fireplace, and some just display a more party-focused colorful lights display.

The Tittle app lets users create personalized settings, light shows, and animations that can then be saved for future use. Through the creative platform on the mobile app, users can also send other Tittle owners messages and notifications that will pop up as visualizations in their lamps. Another option with Tittle is the music visualization setting, which will show animations across the lamp’s LED dots that are timed perfectly with the music you’re listening to.

Tittle is running a crowdfunding campaign to bring their final design through the manufacturing phase. The original Indiegogo fundraising goal was for $30,000, but Tittle has already more than doubled that amount with more than three weeks left in the campaign. For a pledge of $199, backers can get their choice of Tittle (with silver, black, or copper base) at a super early bird price. Tittle is expected to retail for $349, so it’s a big break. Shipping to the United States is free for Indigeogo supporters, and if all goes according to plan, backers should receive their Tittles by September 2016.

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