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This New York City skyscraper looks like it’s wrapped in a wreath of gardens

New York City might be famous for its skyline, but the concrete jungle doesn’t exactly have much green. But a new 1,000-foot-tall skyscraper set for construction in Manhattan will combine modern high-rise architecture and the average city dweller’s need for nature. Dubbed “The Spiral,” the building will introduce open air spaces and cascading gardens to NYC office culture.

When it is completed, The Spiral will be 65 stories tall and will serve as an extension of the elevated High Line green space that stretches up Manhattan’s West side. Hanging gardens and a series of “cascading atria” work together to connect open floor plans from bottom to top. And terraces wrapping around the building’s exterior should encourage tenants to step outside for fresh air throughout the day.

Since The Spiral will cater specifically to offices and retail spaces, the nature-inspired building is “designed for the people that occupy it,” according to architect Bjarke Ingels. Many recent developments in New York City have received criticism from residents who don’t appreciate the construction of ugly skyscrapers in wealthy areas that detract from NYC’s streetscape. That’s enough of a reason for The Spiral to make a difference in juxtaposing modern skyscraper style with beautiful design and green space benefits.

The Spiral will be a part of the city’s Hudson Yards development, which is being built on an artificial foundation to enhance the existing train yards. Upon completion, the building is expected to be a beautiful installation in the otherwise industrial Hudson Yards area: “The Spiral will punctuate the northern end of the High Line, and the linear park will appear to carry through into the tower, forming an ascending ribbon of lively green spaces, extending the High Line to the skyline,” said Ingels. Skyscrapers, green space, and poetry.

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