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Latest by Chloe Olewitz

Bullet world's smallest LED flashlight

Bullet is the world’s smallest LED flashlight so you’re never lost in the dark again

Bullet is the world's smallest LED flashlight, designed to be the perfect size for your everyday carry with tech that will last a lifetime.
makerbot smart extruder prints better longer s new  enhances 3d printer performance over periods of time

Makerbot aims to fix the one big problem with its 3D printers

Makerbot's new Smart Extruder+ enhances 3D printer performance over extended periods of time, since the extruder is the most critical part of the printer
Kramer knives master bladesmith meteorite steel

Anthony Bourdain and a master bladesmith forged a katana-style chef’s knife out of meteorite steel

Master bladesmith Bob Kramer melts a meteorite to make the perfect chef's knife for Anthony Bourdain in the style of ancient Japanese samurai katanas
sleepion sensory stimulator sleep device

Sleepion is a three-in-one sensory stimulator that promises to put you to sleep

Sleepion is a three-in-one sensory device that promises to put you to sleep by stimulating hearing, vision, and smell in a soothing 45-minute cycle.
Blood in test tubes, being tested.

New glowing dye safely allows doctors to see beneath your skin

Stanford researchers have developed a glowing dye for use under patients' skin that is finally both fluorescent and water soluble.

Airbus’ newest planes fight jetlag with LED trickery and more humidity

Airbus has engineered the A350 XWB to fight jet lag while you fly with 16.7 million LED light options and higher humidity levels in the passenger cabin.
newgenerator wastewater power water treatment waste purification urban plant facility

Scientists have developed a super-fast water purification method that’s inspired by Febreze

Cyclodextrin is what lets Febreze capture odors in the air, and it is now being used as a purifying filter to trap contaminants from polluted water sources
Modern Polaxis augmented reality comic book

This augmented reality comic book offers a glimpse at the future of storytelling

Modern Polaxis is an augmented reality comic book that integrates AR technology with visual storytelling to create a high-tech reader experience.
Asphalt Salt Road

Scientists have developed a new salt-filled asphalt that prevents ice from forming on roads

A Turkish research team has created salt-embedded asphalt material that releases de-icing salts over time to keep roads clear and safe.
smartcap monitors brainwaves to keep workers alert in machinery and truck drivers them on the job

SmartCap monitors brainwaves in machinery workers and truck drivers to keep them alert

SmartCap is a fatigue management tool for anyone using heavy machinery. It scans brainwaves to keep miners, drivers, and shift workers alert and awake.
AirBar touch screen functionality to any display

Stuck with a dumb display? AirBar Brings Touch Functionality to Any PC Screen

AirBar is a slim USB attachment that creates a light field in front of your PC display. It turns any regular display into a fully functional touch screen.
Dot One Personalized DNA visualization poster

Turn your DNA into a scarf with Dot One, a DNA analysis company that made art from genetic code

Dot One analyzes the .1 percent of DNA that makes each human a unique individual. Through a visual analysis, they can turn your genetic sequence into art.
Kelly Slater Wave Company artificial wave barrels

Kelly Slater just unveiled the best artificial wave park the world has ever seen

The Kelly Slater Wave Company has created a completely artificial wave that actually barrels, unlike any before it.
spongebath kitchen sponge sanitizer kills germs cleaner

SpongeBath keeps your kitchen sponge almost 100-percent germ-free

SpongeBath is a dual function sponge holder and sanitizer solution. Its Continuous Cleaning system keeps kitchen sponges free from harmful germs.
balloon based solar power

Engineers are building solar balloons that float above the clouds for constant sun

Moving solar parks into the open skies allows for undiluted access to sunlight, and eliminates the problem of cloud coverage when it comes to solar power.
table air standing desk tableair

TableAir is an LED-studded standing desk you can control with a wave of your hand

TableAir is a motorized, adjustable standing desk that adjusts with just a wave of the hand. Sensors allow you to raise and lower the desk to exact heights.
Fire Rescue New South Wales TAF 20 Robot

Australia built a $225K robotic water cannon to keep human firefighters out of harm’s way

TAF 20 is a firefighting robot that keeps human rescue workers safer by neutralizing dangerous situations where firefighters would be at great risk.
World's smallest temperature sensor PREMISS

PREMISS is a tiny no-charge temperature sensor that pulls its power from the air

PREMISS is a the world's smallest temperature sensor, and it never needs to plug into a power source because it pulls its energy from radio waves.
gotpass uses icons and patterns for passwords qwerty card password protection encryption

This wallet-sized cypher card lets you generate endless secure passwords that you can actually remember

Qwertycard is a wallet-sized plastic card whose one-of-a-kind codes let you generate secure passwords that are unique for every site you use.
smart remote knows what device you point to sevenhugs smartremote

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote wants to replace the phone as your home’s control panel

Sevenhugs' Smart Remote uses lamp socket modules to register the specific location of any device, and identify what gadget the user is indicating.
bandage of the future hydrogel delivers medicine automatically stretchable electronics 1 0

Futuristic hydrogel bandages use sensors to deliver medicine to all the right places

A team of MIT engineers have developed a smart bandage that is made of hydrogel and can deliver medication to the body based on temperature sensors.
researchers develop real floating 3d hologram

Korean scientists have developed a legitimate 3D hologram you can view from any angle

Researchers in Korea have developed the world's first real, floating, three-dimensional hologram in the form of a Rubik's Cube.
non latex condom fights hiv with antioxidant hydrogel condoms colors shutterstock 246516376

Brilliant new condom fights HIV infection with an antioxidant-embedded hydrogel

A new non-latex, low-cost condom is made from a hydrogel polymer embedded with a plant based antioxidant that actively fights HIV infection.
motus music controller motion composition motuss

Motus is a digital instrument you play with hand gestures and body movements

Motus is a handheld gesture device that makes it easy for anyone to make music based on motion controls. Choose from air violin, shakers, synths, and more.
wiivv 3 million dollars funding mass produce 3d printed insoles wiivv1

With just a few pictures of your feet, Wiivv can make you a pair of custom 3D printed insoles

Wiivv has raised $3 million in seed funding to bring custom 3D printed insoles to mass market production, all based on scans you take from your smart phone.
world first bionic knee brace levitation

World’s first ‘bionic knee brace’ returns energy to your joints to boost leg strength

Levitation is the world's first bionic knee brace. The brace increases endurance and enhances performance by returning stored energy to the joint.
Epson PaperLab paper recycling process

Epson’s new paper recycler uses waste paper to create fresh sheets right in your office

PaperLab keeps paper recycling in-house to cut down on logistical costs and natural resources that are overused in traditional recycling processes.
japanese textile process reworked turn trees into noodles omikenshi co celleat

These new Japanese noodles are low-cal, gluten-free, and … made from trees

Omikenshi Co. is Japan's number two rayon manufacturer, and they're using the textile process to create gluten-free noodles from trees and the konjac plant.
Relationship prediction algorithm vocal analysis

New algorithm can predict relationship success based on your tone of voice

An algorithm can predict the success or failure of a relationship based on changes in each partner's tone of voice while in couples therapy.
ultrasonic smartcane uses vibrations alert blind nearby obstacles cane

Vibrating SmartCane uses ultrasonic ranging to help the visually impaired detect obstacles

The SmartCane device sits atop a standard folding cane, and uses ultrasonic ranging to more accurately detect obstacles at greater distances.
Cable Robot Simulator - motion simulation virtual reality rig

This ridiculously awesome motion simulator is suspended in mid air by a series of cables

The Cable Robot Simulator facilitates a whole new level of VR experience with free range motion and gravitational acceleration of up to 1.5g.
tech tats temporary wearable health sensors curious biohacker

Before silicon gets under your skin, get it etched on top with a Tech Tat

Tech Tats are temporary, adhesive sensor systems that can read vital signs and more to provide detailed health information.
ford drug driving suit

Ford’s ‘Drug Driving Suit’ simulates what its like to drive while you’re high as a kite

Ford's Drug Driving Suit simulates impairments to awareness, coordination, and reaction time in order to promote sober road safety.

New graphene production technique is 100x cheaper than other methods

A new graphene production process developed at Glasgow University could finally make this super-material affordable and available.