TableAir is an LED-studded standing desk you can control with a wave of your hand

It looks like the standing desk trend is here to stay, and high tech versions like the TableAir are the cream of the adaptable desk crop. TableAir is a motorized variable-height desk that uses precision sensors to adjust to your desired position. To raise or adjust the desk’s height, simply hold your hand at your preferred level and TableAir will rise to meet your demands. When you eventually get tired of standing, just hold down the TableAir button to lower the desk, and release as soon as you’re ready to sit back and relax.

The TableAir’s surface features a sleek all-in-one adjustment button and sensor that is the key to the desk’s height adjustment. One touch activates the raise function, and TableAir’s motorized system climbs to the height of your outstretched hand. To lower the TableAir surface, hold your fingers on the sensor and the desk will begin to lower continuously. As soon as you break contact with the sensor, TableAir stops moving. The surface is completely adjustable from a height of 25 to 51 inches.

An integrated smartphone app lets you adjust TableAir remotely, on the off chance you’re not totally hooked on holding your hand out to adjust your desk height. The LED lighting panels that surround the edges of the desk surface are also customizable through the TableAir app. The app’s real time metrics also display some of the health benefits of working at a standing desk, including the approximate number of calories you’ve burned while standing. If you’re looking to maximize those benefits, you can customize your standing/sitting schedule through the TableAir app. The desk will automate its height based on your chosen schedule throughout the day.

Each TableAir comes equipped with 2 AC ports and 2 USB ports in a discreet outlet panel. The desk is available in four different surface materials and color schemes, from glossy white and black to finer wood surfaces. Prices start at about $2,500, and range to approximately $3,000 for tables made of American Cherry and Dark Walnut wood. Since TableAir is based in the UK, their main shipping region is in Europe, but luckily for standing desk fans across the pond, they do ship to US customers on special request.

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