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Sleepion is a three-in-one sensory stimulator that promises to put you to sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Earplugs, fancy pillow, expensive mattress, and silken eye mask just not doing it for you? Say hello to Sleepion, a three-in-one device that aims to ease you into sleep by satisfying your senses. The moon-shaped speaker system plays soothing sounds, emits customized light cycles, and diffuses all-natural aromas to relax your body and get you resting.

The Cheero team behind Sleepion knows that people with sleep disorders have already spent big bucks on sleep accessories that satisfy touch. That’s why they set out to create a sleep assistance device that soothes three other senses: hearing, sight, and smell. Sleepion comes with 16 preset sound cycles that range from white noise to nature tracks such as gurgling streams and blowing wind. Cheero believes the ideal sleep cycle is 45 minutes long, so every sensory experience is synced to the preset soundtracks that switch off after 45 minutes.

Sleepion’s programmed light cycle, in the company’s own words, “flickers like a candle and is as bright as moonlight,” to support the sleep-inducing sensory stimulation. The last component of Sleepion is a ceramic aromatherapy diffuser that comes with all-natural geranium, cedar, and lavender oil blends. Thousands of tiny holes in the Sleepion device allow for the scent pods to gently release their aromas into the room.

If your first 45-minute cycle doesn’t knock you out for the night or if you generally take longer to fall asleep, you can set Sleepion to run back-to-back cycles. Sleepion’s removable magnetic battery pack can last for up to 35 hours on a full charge (and it’s unlikely that you’ll take that long to fall asleep). Cheero’s Sleepion Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of $15,000, but the firm has already raised more than $10,000 with 25 days left. A pledge of $190 gets you your own Sleepion and an aroma set, in addition to Sleepion’s branded portable battery charger. If all goes according to plan, Sleepion devices will ship as soon as March 2016.

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