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Latest by Chloe Olewitz

GiraDora foot pedal washer

This pedal-powered washing machine requires zero electricity, works like a salad spinner

GiraDora is a pedal-powered washing machine specifically designed to bring an effective clean clothes solution to developing nations around the world.
atmotube pocket sized personal air quality detector hand

Breathe easy: Atmotube is a pocket-sized personal air quality detector

Atmotube is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to create a pocket-sized personal air quality detector. The app delivers an air quality score and particle breakdown.
MIT vital signs ingestible tracker

MIT's ingestible tracker works like a high-tech stethoscope to measure vital signs from inside the body

MIT has developed an ingestible tracker that monitors vital signs from inside the digestive tract. It records heart rate, breathing rates, and temperature.
pyro mini shoot fireballs from your bare hands like magic ellusionist

Flame on! This discreet wristband lets you shoot fireballs from your bare hands

Pyro Mini is a discrete device that allows you to trigger beautiful fireballs that shoot up to 40 feet in the air, and it looks just like magic.
Lucis mood lighting - camping outdoors

This touch-activated LED lamp boasts 16 million different color options

Lucis is a wireless, portable mood lamp with 16 million color options to choose from. It's completely touch activated, so no apps or software to download.
Shock electrodialysis desalination - fracking pond toxic wastewater

MIT has created a filter-free water desalination process that relies on electrical shockwaves

MIT uses electrically-powered shockwaves to separate drinkable water from saltwater and toxic wastewater across a porous material that does not clog.
Starstream micro-scrubber - plain water cleaning

By infusing H2O with ultrasonic bubbles, StarStream gives tap water incredible cleaning power

Starstream activates bubbles in plain water with ultrasound waves in order to create micro-scrubbers in a cleaning solution with no soap or bleach.
wi fm radio signals boost wireless connections 23479935 l

'Wi-FM' uses FM radio signals to reduce interference, boost your Internet speeds

Wi-FM is a system that allows devices to listen in on FM radio signals to transmit data without interference from neighboring networks.
incredibly strong synthetic hydrogel superglue 90 percent water barnacles

Despite being made of 90 percent water, MIT's hydrogel superglue is ridiculously strong

An MIT research team developed a synthetic hydrogel that is strong enough to compare with industrial superglue products, but is made of 90 percent water.
li fi wireless internet led light solar cell lifi harald haas

The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype

Li-Fi is a groundbreaking approach to wireless internet technology that runs on nothing but an LED light bulb and a solar cell to transmit data and power.
Parc Drone - CyPhy Works tethered perpetual flight drone

Thanks to an ultralight power tether, this surveillance drone can stay aloft forever

This surveillance drone never needs to land to deliver data or recharge, so it can stay in flight virtually forever and still transmit data constantly
EM-Sense wearable - door handle sensor

Armed with electromagnetic sensors, Disney’s new wearable can tell what you’re touching

Disney's EM-Sense smart watch customizes your experience based on the objects you touch at any moment by measuring electromagnetic current in the body.
Programmable textiles - MIT Self-Assembly Lab Minimal Shoe

MIT's experimental 3D printed shoe can snap into custom shapes and designs

MIT's Self-Assembly Lab has developed the Minimal Shoe, a sneaker made from 3D printed programmable fabric that snaps into shape as soon it's cut loose.
microbot push automates smart home devices gadgets on desktop

This microbot will literally push your buttons, automating any device

Microbot Push is a robotic finger that automates any device that can be activated with a button or switch, so you can make your house a smart home easily.
airbolt connected smart travel lock control from phone is a high tech

Meet Airbolt: a TSA-approved travel lock you can control with your smartphone

AirBolt is a connected smart travel lock that you control from your phone. With full TSA approval, the lock puts luggage security back in travelers' hands.
ubiquitous energy transparent solar power timeline this company is making cells a reality

Transparent solar cells are here, but they won't see the light of day for years

Ubiquitous Energy is making transparent solar power cells a reality in consumer tech applications like wearable gadgets, phones and smart windows.
Social Shot - custom cocktail personality traits

Get drunk on yourself: This bartending robot will make a cocktail based on your unique personality

A bartending robot called Social Shot brews custom cocktails to represent individual personality traits based on data collected from Facebook.
stories you missed samsung galaxy view adele morocco concentrated solar power plant

Supermassive solar farms might actually have adverse affects on the climate

Widespread desert solar power plants could have unexpected effects on the global environment and make considerable changes to the world's climate patterns.
C2Sense tiny artificial nose sensor

‘Artificial nose’ sensors can sniff gases to identify ripe foods before they go bad

Tiny artificial nose sensors can sniff out gases to tell when food is ripe or going bad. They could put an end to global food waste by detecting ethylene.
Hackey Cerevo connected key switch

Hackey is a connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action

Hackey is a Wi-Fi connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action or gadget. Frequent digital actions run effortlessly at the turn of a key.
tattooing robot autonomously ink any image human skin tattoo

These guys hacked a 3D printer and turned it into a high-precision tattoo machine

A French design team hacked a 3D printer to create an autonomous tattooing robot that can ink any image onto human skin.
handheld dna sequencer minion civilians analyze genetic samples

This handheld DNA sequencer could let regular civilians analyze genetic material

biofilm clothing ancient bacteria morphs sweat biologic feat

Vents on this bio-skin clothing open as you sweat, powered by ancient bacteria

Biofilm clothing printed with ancient microorganism morphs as you move and sweat. The bacteria reacts to humidity so that clothing shifts to cool down.
tor project launches messenger beta encrypted anonymous im the onion router

Tor Project launches its first cross-platform messenger app for anonymous, encrypted IM

The Tor Project has launched Tor Messenger, a cross-platform messaging client to keep information encrypted and anonymous through the onion routing network.
gest gesture sensing glove kickstarter feat

Type on an invisible keyboard with the Gest motion-control glove

Gest is a motion controller device that allows you to control any computer display or mobile device using three dimensional movements from wherever you are.
1309315 autosave v1 football1

The NFL could switch to precise tech tracking with Wilson's sensor-studded football of the future

Wilson manufactures the official football of the NFL, and they're well on their way to creating a high-tech, chip connected and totally trackable football.
motobot yamaha motorcycle robot beat humans on racetrack

Yamaha's motorcycle-riding robot calls out Valentini Rossi to a challenge on the racetrack

Yamaha's Motobot is a motorcycle-riding humanoid robot, designed to operate motorcycles in the same way humans would so it can test new safety features.
Element Cube - 62 elements through powder metallurgy

This little metal cube contains every collectible element on planet Earth

The Element Cube is made from all of the 62 collectible elements on earth. The cube is formed to include these diverse elements through powder metallurgy.
Lumen flashlight ultrabright LED body heat

This low-power LED flashlight runs on nothing but the heat of your hand

The Lumen flashlight runs entirely on energy converted from body heat using a thermoelectric generator, so no batteries are required.
world solar challenge powered car race across australia nuon wsc

Check out the winners of this year's 1,900-mile World Solar Challenge race

The World Solar Challenge is a biannual competition that sends international teams in a solar-powered car race across Australia.
widespread desert solar power plants unexpected effects global climate environment morocco concentrated plant

Morocco is building the largest solar power plant the world has ever seen

The world's largest solar power plant will be constructed in the desert of Ouarzazate to fuel more than half Morocco's energy needs by the year 2020.
auravisor vr headset with built in operating system auravisor1

Self-contained VR headset competes with the big names, no smart phone required

AuraVisor is a virtual reality headset that is completely self-contained. It doesn't require a PC or console hookup, or even a smartphone.
hypercam imaging wavelengths invisible human eye screen shot 2015 10 28 at 8 26 53 am

HyperCam captures images on wavelengths invisible to the human eye

HyperCam uses hyperspectral imaging to capture wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye, and smart software analyzes for information-rich images.
scalevo first fully automated stair climbing wheelchair featured image

No ramp? No problem. The Scalevo wheelchair tackles staircases with ease

A team of student researchers at ETH Zurich has developed a fully automated stair-climbing wheelchair that maximizes accessibility and keeps cost low.