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ParaZero drone parachute deploys automatically when your UAV starts falling

ParaZero Pyrotechnic Parachute
When it comes to drones, crashes and accidents can mean a whole lot of hardware damage. From hobbyist drone operators to industry security drones, a downed drone could mean a big financial loss or even a critical security breach. That’s why ParaZero created SafeAir — an autonomous parachute that deploys in less than a second, even at low altitudes, to glide crashing drones to safety and protect things below from unnecessary damage.

ParaZero likens its chute system to an airbag for drones. A capsule containing the parachute is mounted onto the body of the drone, while an array of embedded sensors look out for critical flight malfunctions or loss of power. That way, the parachute can deploy even if a human operator isn’t standing by to trigger it. Plus, since the parachute deploys completely in less than one second, SafeAir even works at low altitudes.

ParaZero Intro

Of course, unless your drone is on a joy ride in an open field, there is also a risk of crashing into property –or even people– if something goes awry mid flight. SafeAir prevents this kind of damage and the probable lawsuits that would follow. “It’s clear that drones are set to play a major role in our future, whether they are used as aerial cameras, rapid delivery systems, or for private enjoyment. In light of this, ensuring that these devices are operated safely and protecting individuals and property on the ground is paramount” said Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero.

SafeAir is designed to be adaptable for use in small entertainment drones and heavy-duty commercial drones alike. The currently available SafeAir system is specifically geared towards hobbyist drone operators, but ParaZero has its sights set on the professional drone industry as well. As regulations on drone flight for any type of use develop and grow, ParaZero hopes that their SafeAir parachute system will keep people, drones, and property out of harm’s way.

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