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Lynky Go Button, Go Sensor aim to make its smart home hub even more intelligent

lynky go button
lynky go button
Lynky has been dedicated to making smart homes easy to set up, and at CES 2018, the company unveiled two new smart home devices: the Go Button and the Go Sensor. The expansion of the product line follows last year’s unveiling of the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub, the world’s first touchscreen smart home hub with Google Assistant. The Hub acts as a universal remote that controls all the aspects of a smart home. The Go Button and Go Sensor are products designed to offer even more flexibility to users of the Lynky system.

The Lynky Go Button is an extension of the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub, and it eliminates the need to be in the same room in order to manage a home’s Internet of Things devices. Users can use the Go Button to turn smart home devices on and off, and even activate scenes set up through the Intelligence Hub. “Scenes allow users to create commands for their devices through the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub, making their gadgets truly connected,” said the company in a press release. For example, “Movie Time” could be a scene that automatically dims the lights and switches the TV to the Netflix app. A morning wake-up scene could trigger an alarm clock, open the curtains, and turn on the coffee machine.

The Go Sensor gives users more control over the environment of the rooms in their home. The device offers temperature- and humidity-tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor the climate of the home and ensure comfort for everyone in the family. Like the Go Button, the Go Sensor can also interact with Lynky Home Intelligence Hubs to activate scenes and control smart home devices.

With the Go Button or Go Sensor, users can have better control and understanding of the home — no matter what room they’re in.

“Our mission at Lynky is to create a range of products that makes homes truly smart and easy to manage. Our first product in the range, the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub, functions as a universal remote for the smart home, making it simple to control home gadgets from one location,” said Jerry Hou, product manager at Lynky.

The Lynky Home Intelligence Hub is set to launch in the second quarter of 2018 for $149.

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