Magnetic Bike Lights scrap the ugly straps and look of other lights

Copenhagen Parts’ simply-named Bike Light offers an insta-on/off option for bikers on the go. Says the company on their website, “The trouble is that there are hardly any good looking bike lights. We wanted something that looked good, worked well and, most importantly, could be fitted and removed instantly.”

Bike Lights do look good with their minimalist design, and CP says that the lights will fit on any diameter tube. Based on the provided images this does seem to be the case — though you should take this with a grain of salt, as they are promotional photos. 

There will be two different version of the magnetic Bike Light: the Randonneur and the Lode. The Randonneurs lights feature a polished machined-aluminum finish, while Lodes have an outer layer of silicone that come in a variety of colors, though CP wasn’t specific on what those colors are. Bikers should note that the light extends past the cover, which will allow light to have a wider spread. However, there’s nothing to stop you from buying extras and putting them on the sides of the bike. Beyond that, both versions will come in both white and red lights. 

We should mention that these lights will only work on steel framed bikes. So, if you have any other type of bike, it won’t work. 

Unfortunately, the Magnetic Bike Lights aren’t ready to order at this time, but they are due out this fall. Copenhagen Parts doesn’t have any information on how long the batteries will last or what the cost of the lights will be.