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Mattress-in-a-box company Casper wants to sell you pillows and sheets, too

As someone who goes through analysis paralysis when ordering a sandwich at Subway (why do they give me more options all along the assembly line?!), I can appreciate stripping a few choices out of the equation when it comes to certain things. But how well does that work when it comes to something as personal as sleep?

When you go to Casper’s mattress shop, you only have six options, and they’re all about size. You can get a twin, queen, king, California king, and so on. The firm’s latex-and-memory-foam beds are supposed to be as soft as Baby Bear’s bed, but you don’t get to find out if it’s too soft or too firm first. However, if you don’t like your Casper, you have 100 days to return it, no questions asked.

It’s a formula that’s been followed by Leesa and Tuft & Needle. To differentiate itself, Casper is branching out in the bedding space. “We always talked about it in the broader context of sleep,” Philip Krim, Casper’s chief executive, tells The New York Times. It’s now selling a single kind of pillow and sheets in two color options.

The thing that’s always been attractive about Casper is that its price falls between something you’d find at a mattress store and the thin memory foam options you typically find online. The $75 pillow ($85 for king), which has a cushiony outer layer and polyester microfiber core, is definitely a pricey piece of bedding. But the company hopes it will appeal to everyone, no matter how they sleep. “Because we all move around during the night, we designed our pillow’s supportive core and plush outer layer to support you in any position,” according to Casper.

The cotton sheets ($180 for a queen set) come in all white or white and chambray gray. You can also add in a duvet for $140.

Casper says sleeping positions are largely a myth, that everyone flops around at night. If you find that the “perfect pillow” and the “perfect sheets for everyone” promise doesn’t hold firm for you, you can also return them during the 100-night trial period.

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