At three kilograms, you can lift this full-sized armchair with just one hand

Membrane light armchairFoldout chairs may be convenient for storage and temporary usage, but they are hardly comfortable or easy to move around. With this Membrane chair by London designer Benjamin Hubert, you won’t have to compromise style or comfort with space efficiency. 

Crafted for the German furniture brand Classicon, the Membrane is a steel and aluminum frame chair that’s fully covered by a stretchy, 3D-woven mesh fabric. The end result is an armchair that can be assembled and disassembled at a drop of a hat, while giving guests a nicely cushioned place to sit. The chair also weighs a mere three kilograms, or just a little under seven pounds. You can move the chair with just one hand while it’s fully assembled without breaking a sweat. Compare that to a plastic fold-out chair, lawn chairs, or full-sized outdoor armchair and you wonder why they need those extra material for barely any utility.

Benjamin Hubert Membrane armchair

“The chair stems from research into the construction of tents and sports products with a focus on space frames and stretched textile,” Hubert tells Dezeen of his inspiration. He also designed the product to be eco-friendly. “The combination of metal frame and padded textile allows Membrane to use a minimal amount of polyurethane foam – a conventional armchair would be covered almost entirely with foam – therefore reducing the carbon footprint of this type of product.” Membrane measures 79 centimeters wide and 77 centimeters at its tallest point, making it versatile for furnishing a living room, backyard, or balcony.

Benjamin Hubert Membrane armchair disassembleThe Membrane was unveiled during Milan Design Week in April, and you’ll need to contact local dealers for specific pricing. According to the official Membrane page, the chair will be available in red, blue, or gray upholstery. Keep an eye out on Classicon’s website for more updates.