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This modular 8-in-1 table has never made us appreciate math more

DTable modular

You might not have liked math back in high school, but we’ve got numbers to thank for this modular table. The D*Table, designed by London-based architecture group The D*Haus Company, is a shape-shifting furniture piece that can transform into eight different tables. Perfect for everyone from those living in tiny apartments to minimalism enthusiasts.

The D*Table looks like a 3D puzzle piece, but has the ability to fold, connect, and separate pieces to allow for maximum flexibility. When guests come over, you can push it together to make a corner end table and tuck it away from the living space. Conversely, the D*Table can also be extended to act as a center piece. Its built-in slots and shelves are custom designed to hold magazines, books, remote controls, video games, let cable wires through, and more. The table runs on a set of wheels, so shifting it around won’t feel like too much work. Here’s a look at the eight different ways you can outfit the table.

The components are adjusted with the removable hinges so the table forms can be reshaped as often as you need. Using mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney’s Haberdashers Formula as inspiration, the D*Table draws on the idea that you can transform a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle if you just slice the square into four unique shapes.

D*Table modular design extendedAlthough D*Haus Company successfully completed its Kickstarter for D*Table today, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from the team. Using the table as a starting point to promote their vision, the team is also planning to take modularity to the next level by creating a full scale shape-shifting house. This D*Haus Dynamic (starting to see that naming logic?) will allow users to literally push walls around the home to create new rooms, turn windows into doors, and adjust the way light enters the space depending on weather or time of day.

But of course, that’s still a long way in the future. For now, you can anticipate the D*Table to hit the market this September starting at £950 (approximately $1,446 USD) for an all-white table. The team will also release tables in vibrant color schemes and custom shade combinations for an additional £550 to £850 ($837 and $1,300 USD, respectively). Seems pricey, but consider the cost of buying eight separate tables and the value does justify itself.

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