Nucleus modular wine rack connects like puzzle pieces

Nucleus wine rack wall mount

Puzzles are no longer children’s rainy day activity with this Nucleus modular wine rack. With corner connectors on every end, each panel piece can be conjoined to form a wine rack that will fit into any space, big or small.

nucleus modular wine rackCreated by Dutch designer Thijs Goossink, the Nucleus can add or remove elements in just seconds, allowing users to restyle the pieces as necessary. It’s also made with aerospace grade aluminium with a scratch-proof anodized surface for the utmost protection.

With its minimalistic design, the customizable rack can hold as many bottles as you’re willing to display. Alternatively, you can take the racks out to make room for something else when wines are no longer priority. The interlocking pieces can hold bottles up to 3.5 inches (90 mm) in diameter, and they can be mounted on a wall or stacked on a kitchen surface. Depending on the available space, it can also be built horizontally or vertically.

esthys-nucleus-modular-wine-rack connectorThe Nucleus is currently available in blue, orange, and “satin” silver in packs of 16 for $150. You can also purchase individual pieces at $11, leaving us with the hard decision of whether to collect bottles for a grandiose wall art piece, or keep it small and drink the wines because, well, if you’re like us, wines don’t stay untouched in our kitchens for very long.