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Install the secret passageway you’ve always wanted with the Murphy Door

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On the list of awesome things you can put in your house, I think we can all agree that secret passageways are pretty high up there. It doesn’t matter if you’re six or sixty-five — The floor plan for your “fantasy house”undoubtedly has a couple hidden doorways in it. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with you.

But here’s the thing — you don’t actually have to hold out for your fantasy house in order to get a secret passageway anymore. Thanks to Utah-based furniture company Murphy Door, you can easily install a hidden doorway in your house right now, without having to win the lottery and build a custom-made mansion with your winnings.

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Murphy Door makes a line of wooden shelving kits designed to fit into door jambs and other spaces. Once installed, the system look like your run-of-the-mill shelving units — but with a quick tug, they swing open like a door. Special double-swing hinges allow the shelves/doors to hold up to 250 pounds, and their inconspicuous design will make them essentially invisible to the unsuspecting eye.

The doors (shelves?) are currently available in three different styles, each of which are available in a range of different woods and finishes. Pricing varies depending on your choice of size, style, and material, but most configurations fall between the range of $1,000 and $1,600.

Happy hiding!

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