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French workers are getting their lunch from Nestor, a new lunch startup

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There’s a lot to be envied about French culture. There’s the 35-hour week, the abundance of cheese, and the notion that wine should cost less than water. And now, there’s something else for us career types that might make the country even more appealing: Nestor is a company that’s delivering lunch directly to office workers.

Sure, food delivery startups are everywhere, but Nestor is a bit different in its employment of full-time chefs whose sole responsibility is to get a delicious three course meal from their kitchen to your office. This full stack approach means less waiting around and more transparency, which hopefully means more delectable dishes.

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Every morning, the startup lists its meal option for the day on its website. You’ll get a starter, an entrée, and of course, a dessert to finish things off, all for €15 (or around $17). Everything is made in-house, so there’s none of this middle man business that some other startups have adopted. And if you have a tough time making decisions, don’t worry — you cannot make any with Nestor. Completely eliminating the paradox of choice, the day’s menu is the day’s menu — take it or leave it. That means that if you’ve any dietary restrictions, you probably need to look elsewhere.

This straightforward approach has proven quite popular already, and TechCrunch reports an average delivery time of just 13 minutes. Honestly, that’s probably faster than it would take for you to leave the office, grab food, and come back.

The French startup currently delivers 1,000 meals on a daily basis, and reports an impressive growth rate of 15 percent week over week. And as the company continues to expand, it’ll probably have to also grow its delivery area. As of now, the geographic range Nestor covers isn’t all that impressive (you can only order if you’re located in the western part of Paris), but the firm is planning on expanding its services to La Défense, Paris’ business district that houses hundreds of thousands of professionals.

No plans to come to the U.S. just yet (and besides, New York City already has startups such as Maple), but as the on-demand economy grows ever larger, we can probably expect a lot more Nestor-like companies to make a showing in the coming years.

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