Never make your bed again with Smart Bedding

never make bed smart bedding beddign

Despite the fact that we spend more time using them than most other household objects, bedsheets haven’t really gotten a significant design update since they were first invented. Until now, that is. Smart Bedding aims to change the way you make your bed, and save you from toiling with your top sheet every morning.

For clarity’s sake, it’s worth noting that Smart Bedding isn’t “smart” in the sense that it can connect to the Internet or sync with your smartphone — it’s much simpler than that. Instead, it’s merely a clever system designed to keep your top sheet and duvet cover connected with a series of snap buttons. This way, the sheet doesn’t get bunched up near your feet while you sleep, and making your bed every morning is as easy as flattening out your duvet.

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If you pay frequent visits to Kickstarter, there’s a chance you’ve seen this before. Last year, Smart Bedding concluded a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign to get itself off the ground and pay for its first production run. Now, almost exactly a year later, the company is fully up and running and selling the Smart Bedding system through its website.

Sheets are available in all bed sizes, all the way from twin to California king, and also come in six different colors. Unfortunately there’s no choice when it comes to fabric quality, and you’re stuck with 300 thread count for the time being, but on the bright side, they’re all fairly affordable. A twin duvet/top sheet combo can be had for under $100 bucks, whereas the same thing for a queen size bed is just $116.

That’s certainly a bit more than you’d pay for traditional 300 thread count sheets, but you’ve got to ask youself — how much would you pay to never make your bed the hard way ever again?

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