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Petcube Bites 2 Lite petcam and treat dispenser can connect you to a vet, too

Petcube’s line of smart devices has gotten an affordable update with the Petcube Bites 2 Lite, a combo pet camera and smart treat dispenser that allows owners to interact with their pets from a distance. The cam clocks in at a significantly reduced price from previous models. The Petcube Bites 2 was $190, while the Bites 2 Lite version, which is now available on Amazon, is just $125.

The pet camera features 1008p full HD video, a 160-degree viewing angle, and a night vision mode for observing pets in lowlight conditions. The 1.5-pound dispenser allows owners to release a dry, crunchy treat, with options to control how far the treat is propelled to offer more play options (the durable plastic of the Bites 2 Lite is made to be pet-proof if things get carried away). Two-way audio with a noise-canceling microphone also allows owners to communicate with their pets, while the sound and motion sensors can provide cam alerts when the owner is not present.

The Bites 2 Lite device mounted on a wall.

Owners will also be able to access additional services to take care of their pets, including the built-in Vet Chat that can connect users with a veterinary expert to consult on problems, unexpected behaviors, or nutrition.

The Bites 2 Lite offers additional security cam-focused features, such as the ability to sign up for Petcube Care, a $4-per-month subscription service that can automatically capture video from the Bites 2 Lite when triggered by movement or loud barks/meows, then store the footage in the cloud so owners can review it at a later time.

Petcube specifically mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic as a driver for pet owners seeking out new cams for communication from work. “We have a whole generation of pets adopted and raised during the pandemic,” says Yaroslav Azhnyuk, CEO of Petcube. “Animals helped people get through these challenging times, a very special bond has been built. Now, pet parents are leaving homes for work and it causes anxiety on both sides. Petcube’s goal is to make this transition less painful.”

The Bites 2 Lite joins other Petcube devices such as the Petcube Cam and Play 2. These cams are compatible and can all be operated by the Petcube app.

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