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Resource Furniture’s Stealth Kitchen hides in your wall

Introducing the Stealth Kitchen at Resource Furniture

Hideaway beds and couches are pretty sweet, but Resource Furniture (arguably the world’s foremost transforming furniture maker) has taken the concept of concealed furnishings to a whole new level with its new Stealth Kitchen modules. In essence, these modules are a set of built-in appliances that can easily be tucked into the wall with the flip of a few panels. In other words, they’re perfect for tiny apartments

Despite the fact that it stretches just six linear feet, the Stealth Kitchen can be configured to incorporate all the necessities of a modern, high-end kitchen — a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven, cooktop, sink, prep space, and plenty of extra storage space — all cleverly concealed behind a wall of sleek wooden cabinetry. And since the system is modular, Resource also hinted in a press release that you’ll also be able to add things like double ovens, island units, washer/dryer laundry centers, and dry/wet bars, enabling you to configure your space to function as more than just a kitchen.

“The Stealth Kitchen is the perfect example of form meeting function,” said said Ron Barth, co-founder of Resource Furniture. “It is an ideal complement to our growing collection of products and solutions that change the way people perceive space and function in their environment. Resource Furniture selected Stealth because of its breakthrough technology and fine craftsmanship – it will be a game-changer in both residential and contract kitchen design.”

And the coolest part? The whole system is manufactured in the United States, and might soon be built into newer apartments and hotels around NYC. Core77 points out that, considering the fact that the Stealth Kitchen has been approved by the NYC Department of Buildings, and has previously established a partnership with the Museum of the City of New York, it’s not a big stretch to think they may be targeting NYC’s forthcoming micro-apartment market.

If, however, you don’t happen to live in New York or simply don’t want to wait around to get this installed in your pad, you can head over to Resource Furniture’s website for more info or to request a quote.

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