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Samsung steps to Dyson with a $1,200 robovac it claims can outsuck anything

Samsung’s Powerbot line of vacuums set a high standard for the world of robotic cleaners when it debuted in 2014. Now, after just two years on the market, it appears the giant electronics company is ready to raise the bar even further. The successor to Samsung’s first go-round with autonomous vacuums, dubbed the Powerbot Turbo, was officially unveiled this week and is now available — just in time to tackle all those holiday cleanup nightmares. It’s being touted as having “the world’s most powerful suction among robot vacuums.”

On paper, the company’s claim of the powerful suction crown equates to 70 times more suction than any other leading robotic vacuum. Geared toward having the uncanny ability to essentially seek out any dirt, dust, or grime calling an owner’s floor home, the Powerbot Turbo even features an enlarged drum brush that excels at cleaning a wider area than any previous release. Its CycloneForce system helps efficiently separate any consumed dust, which helps the unit avoid consistent clogging.

“Homeowners have told us again and again that one of their biggest challenges is keeping their homes clean and getting rid of the floor dirt and dust which never seems to go away,” said John Herrington, senior vice president and general manager of home appliances at Samsung. “The Powerbot Turbo provides levels of performance that no other robot vacuum can match. And it joins a line of other Powerbot products that are your essential and powerful partners for a dirt- and dust-free home.”

In addition to its cleaning prowess, the Powerbot Turbo also features Wi-Fi connectivity, which gives users the ability to control the vacuum’s movements via a smartphone. By utilizing what Samsung has coined “Select & Go,” owners can access a virtual map of their home on their smartphone, and select which rooms they’d like cleaned. The Powerbot Turbo then goes to work. Samsung has even included Amazon Alexa compatibility, which adds a suite of voice-controlled commands to the device.

What truly sets the Powerbot Turbo apart from its competition — and not just its predecessor — lies directly with its intuitive mapping system. Samsung claims the unit has the ability to actually “see” where it’s going. It consistently updates an internal floor plan to help owners know exactly where it’s been and what it’s gathered. With its FullView Sensor, the Powerbot Turbo also boasts the ability to deftly avoid furniture, staircases, and walls, which improves its efficiency but cuts down on some of the humor.

Retailing for $1,200, Samsung’s Powerbot Turbo certainly isn’t cheap, but considering the amount of features and benefits it’s packed with, it’s entirely possible the device is the last robotic vacuum anyone needs to own.

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