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Scout Video Doorbell combines premium features at an affordable price

Scout Alarm introduced the Scout Video Doorbell, a smart home security device that works with or without a Scout Security System. The Scout Video Doorbell ticks all the essential video doorbell checkboxes, adds premium features, and still comes in with a list price under $100.

Scout’s doorbell installs with existing standard analog doorbell wiring. Three faceplates (white, black, and silver) are in the box, so you don’t have to choose when you order. The case is IP65-weatherproof rated, so you don’t need to be concerned about rain, sleet, or snow.

The Scout Video Doorbell has a 1080p full HD resolution video camera with infrared night vision to record high-resolution video 24/7. So far the camera sound pretty standard, but two additional features stand out, especially with a camera that costs just $99 on the Scout Alarm website.

Scout’s doorbell camera has a 180-degree horizontal field of vision, which is high as we’ve seen with a stationary video doorbell camera. Intruders can’t sneak up on the entry with a wide diagonal approach because the only direction the camera doesn’t sense is the rear 180 degrees, which are usually inside the house.

People Detection technology is the camera’s second surprise. The Scout Video Doorbell has motion detection, but it adds the ability to recognize human movement and send an alert to the associated smartphone running the Scout mobile app. You can also view live video and recorded video clips with the app.

Integrated two-way audio in the Scout Video Doorbell lets you speak with delivery and service people, family and friends, and even intruders.

If you use the Video Doorbell with a Scout Security system, you’ll gain the ability to use Amazon Alexa voice commands with the alarm system and eventually with the doorbell. Commands specific to the video doorbell are in development and expected within a few months, a Scout representative told Digital Trends.

Alexa voice control isn’t currently available if you use the Scout Video Doorbell independently from one of the company’s security system. Scout told Digital Trends that Google Assistant voice command compatibility is in the works but have not expected delivery time.

Paid cloud storage video access and monitoring service are optional but not required with Scout Alarm products.

The Scout Video Doorbell is available on the Scout Alarm website for $99, ready to install using the wires of an existing analog doorbell. A digital doorbell replacement version costs $105 and includes the necessary power module. You can also buy the Scout Video Doorbell on Amazon, but the price is higher at $119, a disparity a Scout rep told us will stay in force for now.

“At Scout, we strive to provide a thoughtful, curated home security experience that is smart, simple and affordable,” Dan Roberts, Scout CEO and founder, said in a statement. “Customers have been asking for an affordable, DIY video doorbell and today we’re excited to deliver just that. Combined with our other sleek, self-installed security devices, this is our next step toward putting the power to affordably protect your home in your hands.”

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