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Segway’s autonomous Navimow robot lawn mower tackles tiresome chore quietly

Segway has announced a new robot lawn mower that promises to permanently strike one of the most monotonous household chores off your list. The Navimow uses GPS and cellular data to ensure it’s staying within less than an inch of user-specified boundaries. This system handily doubles as a theft deterrent, giving yout notifications through the paired smartphone app when there are any abnormalities along its route.

Besides theft prevention, the mobile app provides loads of flexibility for training the robot lawn mower. You can easily add, remove, and adjust safe areas. GPS isn’t the only way the Navimow learns the lay of the land, either. Multiple sensors combine data to build a map of complex terrain using what’s called real-time kinematic positioning. This means the Navimow and its base station communicate location data with one another to dramatically enhance precision without the need for a perimeter wire. This is an improvement over the existing boundary wire system most robot lawn mowers currently use.

For those times when the kids leave their toys on the lawn, the Navimow has an optional ultrasonic collision detection system that can adjust steering on the fly. If the kids themselves get a little too rowdy with the mower, it has a security system called BladeHalt which should stop it from cutting before anyone gets close to the choppy bits.

Navimow autonomous lawnmower riding by a sleeping child.

The Navimow hopes to tackle the rugged terrain of your lawn with deep wheel treads able to handle 45-degree inclines, as well as IPX6 waterproofing. Cutting height can be adjusted between 1.2 and 2.3 inches while cutting in sections 8.3 inches wide. The top-end Navimow can handle up to 3,588 square yards on a single charge, which is a lot of cutting, especially considering this thing self-charges and can go out every day. That level of frequency would annoy the heck out of the neighbors were it not for the Navimow’s 54-decibel noise rating. (The average gas-powered mower is around 90 dB.)

Segway has ben industriously distancing itself from its roots as the premium vehicular choice of mall cops everywhere. This is thanks in no small part to its 2015 acquisition by competitor Ninebot. Since then, Segway has started winding down production of their signature stand-up scooter, and produced all sorts of wacky wheels, like these roller shoes. Autonomous mowers aren’t new, but if nothing else, the Navimow has the Segway brand recognition to help it stand out from the crowd. Segway’s launch presentation also hinted that we’re going to be seeing more products like this from the brand in the future.

Four Navimow models of various battery capacities are available to order, ranging in price from $1,420 to $2,960. Shipping starts December 2021.

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