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This alarm clock lets you literally wake up and smell the coffee

SensorWake Alarm
There are few better ways to wake up than the smell of your favorite food or beverage — coffee, croissants, you name it — wafting into your bedroom from the kitchen. Waking up to realize that the smells are only coming from your alarm clock and that you’ve got to make your own coffee might not be as nice, but hey, at least you’re up, right?

That is the thinking behind the SensorWake alarm clock, now on Kickstarter. The SensorWake is the brainchild of Guillaume Rolland, described on the Kickstarter page as “an 18-year-old French entrepreneur with a vision of making everyone wake up happy!”

The team behind SensorWake has joined forces with Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, to power the scents behind the SensorWake. And the alarm clock isn’t just limited to the smells associated with breakfast, either.

Scent capsules are easily changed and are available in themed two-packs, with each capsule containing enough scent to wake you up 60 times. A Continental breakfast-themed two-pack contains the espresso and croissant scents, while another contains the Seaside and Lush Jungle capsules.

A VIP two-pack available exclusively to Kickstarter backers contains one capsule named “Ebony Luxury” and a second that is quite literally the smell of money, making it the perfect gift for the budding Donald Trump in your life.

In order to ensure that the alarm actually works as intended, the SensorWake team ran consumer tests on over 100 people, and found that 99 percent woke up within two minutes. If you’re a heavy sleeper or have a case of allergies, an audio alarm sounds off after three minutes.

A pledge of €60 (roughly $66) is enough to grab an early-bird discount on a SensorWake and scent capsule two-pack of your choice, products that will be available for €80 (roughly $88) once the discounted versions sell out.

The project is aiming for €50,000 and at the time of this writing is approaching the halfway mark. To back the project yourself, head over to the SensorWake Kickstarter page.

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