The Singing Machine Home: A Bluetooth speaker that moonlights as a karaoke machine

singing machine home bluetooth speaker moonlights karaoke play

For me, it takes some pushy friends and perhaps some liquid courage before I even consider singing karaoke. So if you’re like me and you need to psych yourself up, get going because the future of living room karaoke is here. 

The Home is the latest from the Singing Machine’s line of karaoke devices and can serve your home with more than just bad renditions of “I Will Survive.”

This sleek, modern Bluetooth speaker comes with a remote that doubles as the microphone. The third component is your TV where you can stream a subscription-based library of over 8,000 songs from Singing Machine’s web service called Play. For the extra amazing or extra terrible performances, you can even record and share on social media right from the device.

But when you want to leave the singing to the professionals, the Home speaker wirelessly connects to Bluetooth enabled devices to play your personal music collection or tap into streaming services like Pandora or Spotify. 

The somewhat donut shaped speaker is a great design for display and doesn’t scream “karaoke machine!” – just in case there are certain house guests you’d rather not share your singing diva side with. 

The Home has been released through Best Buy and is going for $300.