These modern Smart Playhouses will make you wish you were 5 again

Smart Playhouse

When you were a kid, if you had a backyard complete with a treehouse/clubhouse, you were instantly the coolest kid in town. If you didn’t have a backyard, a fort made out of blankets, pillows, and chairs can still do the trick. Those days required a whole lot of imagination, so riddle us jealous at the sight of these Smart Playhouses designed to resemble modern architecture. Basically, the kinds of home we as adults could only dream to live in present day.

Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, the Smart Playhouses offer many versions to fit all kinds of aesthetics, from futuristic to cottage-style to minimalistic. Take for example, Illinois, a 20th century-inspired modern home with large windows and simple shapes. If you didn’t immediately notice, the Illinois is a small scale version of the famed Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, also located in the titled state. For those looking at something less basic for your pretentious little younglings, check out the Kyoto playhouse that’s inspired by Japanese avant garde sculptures. A peek at what the Kyoto house looks like lit up at night gives that whimsical feel we never found in our clunky, old backyard tent.

The playhouses can be customized as small, medium, or large to fit kids ages 2 to 10, and are made of birch wood so they can withstand the ever-changing outdoor weather conditions. Each playhouse floor is also built on a platform to allow better air circulation, preventing dampness after a rainy day. If you don’t want to leave the little houses out all day, they can be disassembled and rebuilt at future times. This option makes the playhouses easy to pass along to nieces and nephews after your kids outgrow them.

The Smart Playhouses start at $5,000 apiece, which is roughly around the same price of a used car so if you’re looking for something that’s a little more environmentally friendly and less gas-guzzling, maybe it’s time to consider moving into one of these. Hope you like sleeping in fetal position.