SONTE digital shade adds color films to boost last-minute Kickstarter funds

sonte smart film

Earlier this month, SONTE launched a Kickstarter project for a “smart film” digital shade that goes from transparent to opaque with just a tap on your smartphone. With less than a week left in its campaign and a little under $20,000 of funding to go, the company’s kicking things up a notch. Rather than just offering the option to blur the windows of your room, SONTE has added a new color feature that can also change the ambiance of your space.

In case you’re not familiar, the concept of the SONTE smart film is a Wi-Fi enabled sheet that gets applied to any window. You can cut the film in any shape to fit the size of the window frame, and an adapter outlet plugs into the wall to connect the digital shade to the Web. To push customers for that last bit of funding, SONTE has added a Vivid line of film that can adjust colors, turning a regular window into a tinted shade of black or red. Since the SONTE shades are initially designed to obscure the view rather than block light, the black shades can be more useful with brightness adjustment. We’re not sure what we’d do with a red tinted room, but we supposed that could set the mood for a party or a rerun of Game Of Thrones‘ Red Wedding episode.

sonte vivid smart film

Since the Vivid shades are added a bit late to the project, they’ll only be available in a “Give-it-a-size” sizing of 50 by 50 cm (1.64 by 1.64 feet). SONTE hopes to offer full sizing as the product becomes more developed, and will likely offer additional colors as well. The Vivid colors will cost $99 to pledge, and has an estimate shipping date of December 2013.