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Cheaper than security systems, Stack’s light bulbs now monitor your home

Prior to CES 2017, the California-based responsive lighting firm Stack announced the beta launch of an innovative technology designed to alert people of any disturbances in their homes while they are away. Referred to as Stack’s Home Awareness service, the feature plans to integrate seamlessly into the company’s existing product line — such as its Stack Classic bulbs and Stack Downlight. In addition to the Home Awareness announcement, the company also says it shipped the first batch of bulbs to pre-order customers and now sells the line to any interested buyer via its website.

With Home Awareness, owners of either of Stack’s lighting options can rest assured that their light bulbs are keeping a keen watch on their household throughout the day. Should any disturbance arise or a sudden change in occupancy occur, users have the ability to receive a smartphone alert to clue them in. What is particularly impressive about Home Awareness is that it allows anyone to install a home monitoring system without shelling out any big bucks for an advanced setup — no monthly fees, no expensive installation, plain and simple.


“With light bulbs being the most common electronic device in a building, it’s only natural that lighting should become the backbone of a responsive sensor network for indoor spaces,” CEO and founder Neil Joseph said. “Our new Home Awareness service provides users with a way of monitoring their home in a simple, non-invasive way, unlike a camera or cumbersome external sensors. The launch of the new Stack Classic allows for full coverage in most homes and provides more granular data with RF sensors embedded in each bulb.”

Aside from the home security function of its Home Awareness service, Stack also unveiled what it’s calling a House Sitting service. With this function, any owner’s collection of bulbs boasts the ability to mimic occupancy routines and turn off or on accordingly as if someone’s inside the home. Embedded with an array of sensors, Stack’s lighting features the unique ability to actively respond to ambient light and occupancy. Additionally, each bulb also comes standard with Amazon Alexa and Nest compatibility.

Retailing for $28 (Classic) and $45 (Downlight), Stack also offers its bulbs in convenient starter kits to allow anyone to outfit not just one room with its innovative lighting but their entire homes. The company plans on showing off its products at CES 2017’s Pepcom event.

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