T-Mobile to Have Frosted Android Cupcake Ready for April?

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For those who saw the first iteration of Google’s Android operating system as a little half-baked, the company is finally getting ready to pull Cupcake out of the oven. The long-anticipated firmware update, which has been whispered about since December, is supposedly now slated for an April release.

Pocket Lint reports that T-Mobile representatives confirmed the update to them directly. “We will be offering G1 users the firmware update sometime in April”, a spokesperson said. “We can’t say whether this will be connected with the launch of the HTC Magic as we aren’t aware of what alterations if any they are making to the operating system.”

The update will include a number of features the T-Mobile G1’s hardware is capable of, but which have not been enabled in the initial release. That includes an onscreen QWERTY keyboard, video recording, a voice recorder, saving for MMS attachments, and stereo A2DP Bluetooth support.

The April release date would seem to make sense considering that the HTC Magic, which has no physical keyboard and would seemingly require an updated version of Android to even function, is also slated for an April launch.