TEAC iPhone alarm clock is the reverse nightlight, wakes you up by glowing brighter

teac sr luxi iphone alarm clock wake up light speaker

Some people have awesome internal clocks that wakes them up at 8 a.m. on the dot each morning. We are not one of those people. If you like the concept of waking up based on the gentle shine of sunlight, you might enjoy the TEAC iPhone alarm clock which glows brighter as you get closer to your alarm’s wake up call. 

teac sr luxi iphone alarm clock wake up light speaker closeShaped like a large square with a docking station in the middle for your iPhone or iPod, the TEAC SR-LUXi is a multipurpose device that can be used as an LED table lamp, music dock speakers, radio station, and alarm clock. You can set up your preferred waking time and light intensity and the SR-LUXi will begin to glow 10 or 30 minutes before the actual time, starting from a soft illumination to the max amount of shine you selected. You can also opt to snooze, but the light will probably stay on so you get closer to actually getting up like you supposed to be doing.

The process of waking up by slowing adjusting to light isn’t just more comfortable — it’s scientific. When light slowly creeps its way into your system, the hormones trigger your carcadian rhythm to process being ready to wake up. The result should be that you will wake up with willpower rather than because you are forcing yourself to be awake. Of course, if you fear missing your wake up illuminating notice, there’s always an audio alarm to make sure you can hear it, too.

The TEAC SR-LUXi’s simple black and white design fits in with any one of your iOS devices, and aims to be space efficient while packing modest specs. It also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the sound of your music from a distance. Be forewarned, however, that if you are looking for maximum bass in a bedside speaker, the TEAC SR-LUXi might not the one for you as its speakers are quite miniature. The product is available now for $80.