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Teka oven lets you make your own pizza at home – and no, it’s not DiGiorno

Teka compact pizza ovenPizza lovers, rejoice! Put the frozen stuff back in the fridge, hang up that telephone, and don’t send that Seamless order – the new Teka HL 45.15 compact oven comes equipped with a built-in pizza oven so making your own doughy goodness at home is easier than ever. Built in a stainless, finger print-proof steel, the Teka oven is designed to be multi-functional for the chef in you.

Aside from the main body of the oven – which comes with touch control panels and child safety lock – the HL 45.15 model has a 19-liter programmable drawer at the bottom for your pizza baking desires. This drawer features a built-in ceramic pizza stone and has four cooking modes hot enough to perfectly cook a whole pie. Of course, you don’t have to cook just pizzas in this designated slot, the drawer is an ideal place to make cookies, calzones, and pirogies in peace. Thanks to its built-ins, the oven is designed to absorb and evenly distribute heat to delight even the most amateur of bakers.

The main oven features a 40-liter cabin with five cooking modes. You also get four adjustable racks to move around and fit various food items. Not the largest oven ever, but a modest and compact size for someone who loves to cook but has a limited kitchen space. Hello, did we mention a built-in pizza cooker? We’ll take 15.

The Teka HL 45.15 will be available soon at $700 or €520.

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