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Perfect Blend is a scale that makes a more precise smoothie

This scale is designed to help you blend the perfect smoothie

the perfect blend is a scale for making smoothies
Perfect Company
Smart scales are supposed to help you bake better and, in some cases, keep track of your nutrition more accurately than guesstimating. After all, a banana is going to have more calories and nutrients depending on its size. The Perfect Company, maker of the Perfect Bake kitchen scale that lets you weigh ingredients, wants smoothie enthusiasts to have the same accuracy when measuring a cup of strawberries as bakers do when weighing baking soda by the gram.

The Perfect Blend is the company’s newest offering, debuting at CES 2016. The kit comes with a scale and app, so you’ll always add the same amount of strawberries to your Berry Blast Smoothie every morning. You can use whatever blender you already have.

The Perfect Blend app is very nutrition-focused. If your New Year’s resolution is to cut back on sugar, you can limit the 200 recipes to the sugar-free options. Depending on your goals, the app can then create a weekly meal plan and make you a shopping list.

Once you choose what you want to make, you choose your serving size. The app adjusts how much kale or protein powder you need, and you put your blender’s carafe on the scale. When you add your yogurt, you can see the virtual version of your blender filling up your device’s screen, until you’ve got the correct amount.

The Perfect Bake and Perfect Drink — which allows you to measure cocktails — use the same scale as the blender version, so if you already have either product, you can use all three apps on the hardware. The Blend will be available later this year, presumably for a similar price as the other scales. The Bake is $60, while the Drink is $50.

Now, if only you didn’t need three apps to get the full menu.

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