Ultimate beach towel can stash your valuables in its hidden pocket

towelmate ultimate beach towel

Unless you’ve got a crowd of friends and family rolling out the coolers, umbrella, and bags of snacks onto the beach, it’s likely that you want to bring as little with you as possible before laying out in the sun. When you don’t have a lot of eyes over your belongings, it’s hard to take a moment for a quick dip in the waters if no one will watch your things. Still, some items are essential — such as your phone and car keys — and it’s hard to leave those hanging on the towel without getting sand between the cracks. Towelmate is here to alleviate all those concerns.

towelmate ultimate beach towelNamed the “Ultimate Beach Towel,” this Towelmate design offers a hidden, sealable pocket sewn within the 100 percent pure cotton velour body. The zippered storage compartment is water-resistant and designed to hold an iPhone, iPad, Android devices, MP3 players, keys, wallet, and the like hidden from plain sight in its pre-cut, velcro slots. This will help keep your gadgets clean and unnoticed by thieves eyeing your toys while you step out to the waters. Note, however, that you might only be able to fit three or so of these gadgets at a time — not that you should bring that much more onto a beach if you’re in a small group anyway.

The 70-inch long adult size towel also comes in various prints or solid colors to match your personal style. To deter the attention from the storage pocket on the side, there is a removable pillow insert you can take advantage of to feature the towel’s built-in soft cushion for napping or sunbathing. The towel is also labelled “Body” and “Sand” to let you know the right side up.

towelmate ultimate beach towel blue pockets

For some extra locker-like protection on the beach, you can purchase Towelmate’s Ultimate Beach Towel for $35 in adult size, and $43 for a kids’ version (no idea why a smaller towel costs more, maybe thanks to the cartoon prints). Both versions of the towel come with free shipping.

Beware that while the towels are a great solution to a little more security on the beach, they aren’t foolproof and thieves could catch onto the concept soon. Never leave your belongings out of sight if you don’t want your things stolen! You should also remember to take your belongings out of the pockets before washing. If some could forget things in their jean pockets before the pants hit the washing machine, it’s likely you could pull the same mistake with this Towelmate.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Ultimate Beach Towel.