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Lost something? Find out exactly where with the new products from TrackR

TrackR Bravo - Your Search is Over.
Our absent mindedness is really giving a niche industry the opportunity to boom. In addition to Chipolo, Tile, and other such makers of small tags meant to help you find what you’ve lost, there is TrackR.  While its competitors might give you a general sense of where you left your wallet or your glasses or your remote, TrackR claims to lead you directly to them. At CES, the company is introducing two new products: the TrackR pixel and the TrackR wallet 2.0.

The pixel, the first of the two new products, is smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors and is one of the least expensive options available. With an LED light that illuminates when activated (which is to say, when you realize you lost something), you will be able to find your misplaced items even in the dark. Coming in at just 26mm in diameter and 5mm thick (that is about the same size as two stacked quarters), the TrackR pixel claims to be one of the smallest tags available.

Then there is the TrackR wallet 2.0, which promises to be one of the thinnest devices around at just 2mm. Shaped like a credit card, this tracker employs new carbon fiber technology in order to cut down on thickness, but maintains its impressive functionality. Both products are compatible with TrackR atlas, the company’s signature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi wall plug that helps you pinpoint exactly where you set down your tagged item. Atlas makes use of the cloud-based platform to create a floor plan of your home and precisely identify the location of any tagged item. Because the atlas will integrate with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, you can actually ask your Amazon assistant where you left your keys, and have her send you to the right room.

“Our goal at TrackR is to offload the task of remembering where items are to computers, so people can take care of more important things,” said Chris Herbert, CEO and co-founder. “The more things people can track, the more people who have the app, the less expensive and more integrated we can have TrackR devices — all of these contribute to making it easier and faster for people to find the stuff they need. We’ll do that for you so you can clear that headspace and time for higher-level tasks.”

You can pre-order both the pixel and wallet now for $25 and $30 respectively, with shipment expected in the spring. TrackR atlas is also available for pre-order now for $40 and will make its way to you around the same time.

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