Moving soon? This app makes updating your address less of a headache

If you move around a lot, changing your address can be a serious pain in the ass. In addition to getting the Post Office to forward mail to your new address, you’ve got to notify everyone — your bank, all your credit card companies, cellular provider, your newspaper or magazine subscriptions, cable and Internet providers, and dozens of others. It’s arguably one of the most annoying parts of moving, right up there next to lugging your washer and dryer set to a new location. But not to worry; there’s a new-ish app out there that aims to streamline the process and make changing your address a snap.

It’s called Updater, and if you aren’t already aware of it’s existence, here’s the lowdown on how it works. Basically, once you’ve signed up for a free account, all you’ve got to do is enter in both your new and old addresses and then add all the accounts that you wish to update. The app knows all the utilities in your area, as well as all the credit card companies, subscription-based services, and just about anyone else you’d ever need to notify of an address change.

Once you’ve entered in all the accounts you wish to notify, Updater acts like an authorized agent and will submit change of address notifications on your behalf to any businesses you select. If you can’t think of all the places you need to notify off the top of your head, the app can also search a number of databases for your name and old address. If it finds a match, you can decide whether or not to give the business your new address.

As if that wasn’t helpful enough, Updater also makes it simple to cancel old services and set up new ones — something that’s especially helpful for utilities and cable and Internet service. You can even import your contacts and send out a blast to let them know you’ve moved.

The initial setup will likely take you a few minutes, but after that, changing your address the next time is as simple as filling out a few lines.