Valcucine adds ergonomic designs to kitchens

Concept kitchen designs are always fascinating because they’re innovating one of the most important social and human rooms in the home. Unfortunately, most designs tend to shoot for aesthetically pleasing designs over east of use.

Italian kitchen manufacturer Valcucine designs kitchens that look aesthetically pleasing while also creating ergonomic preparation spaces.

Valcucine’s “New logic System” is a reimagining of the original Logica System that the company introduced in 1996. The kitchen set up comes with a depth of about three feet, in either wall form or island form.

The interesting feature that caught our eye is the “equipped back section.” You can see in the images that instead of cabinets above and below the counter space, the logica system comes with containers that are set at the back of the counter.

The counterback is designed to contain and conceal your various kitchen equipment including; a dish-drainer, weighing scales, small appliances, bottle-racks, utensils holders, kitchen roll holder, power-sockets, and Valcucine says, even a cooker hood.

Both the island and the wall versions of the Logica System come with the back section. There a couple of differences beyond the space that the kitchens take up. The wall version comes with “Ala” and “Aerius” doors that slide up and down, which allows for concealment of the shelves and cabinets.

The island is made large enough that it can be used, ostensibly, as a new wall for dividing the cooking and living areas.

You won’t be getting a classic looking kitchen with the Logica System. But if you like the modern look of stainless steel or aluminum design then this kitchen might find a spot in your décor while still providing function.