118 wallypower

118 wallypower_1

You may recognize this megayacht from The Island with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor back in 2005.  Some experts say the 118 wallypower is one of the most magnificent works of modern engineering.  This megayacht has a cruising speed of 60 knots – which is quick enough to get you from Miami Florida to Havana Cuba in under three and a half hours.  Powered by three 5,600 HP Turbine engines, this yacht drinks 15 gallons per nautical mile at full speed.  If you can afford the $25 million price tag, then you won’t mind dropping $60,000 at the pump to fill up the tank.  This nautical racer is constructed nearly entirely of composites.  No detail on the 118 wallypower has been ignored- this boat was designed luxury and speed.