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Want to peel an entire head of garlic in seconds? Try the Garlic Shaker

Hitting 100 percent of the Kickstarter funding goal in less than two days, the Garlic Shaker is a new kitchen gadget that can peel all the cloves in an entire head of garlic in less than 30 seconds. While there are multiple products on the market that help consumers peel away the skin from a few cloves at a time, this product solves the problem of having to peel several cloves at once when cooking for the entire family.

The Garlic Shaker is nine inches tall and roughly three inches wide, basically shaped like a water bottle. Using multiple impact points within the gadget, cloves rotate and spin against spiral rings in order to make the skin peel away. According to the creators, the motion is strong enough to remove the skin from the cloves, but still gentle enough to leave the clove undamaged when removed from the shaker. According to the FAQ on the Kickstarter page, the Garlic Shaker should also peel “light nuts and vegetables” that have an outer layer of skin similar to a garlic clove.

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To use the kitchen gadget, the user simply fills up the Garlic Shaker with multiple cloves, shakes it for 10 to 30 seconds (likely depending on the volume of cloves) and pops open the cap to remove the fresh cloves as well as the loose skin. The Garlic Shaker is made from a BPA-free plastic (100% recyclable materials) and is safe to toss in the dishwasher when you are done cooking. Interestingly, one side benefit of the shaker’s design is that it cannot roll off a kitchen counter when laying horizontally. The oval shape on the top and bottom of the gadget prevent rolling.

Regarding the delivery timeline of the Garlic Shaker, the creators are targeting January 2016 for delivery to the first Kickstarter backers. However, a comment in the FAQ mentioned that the team is pushing hard to release the gadget during the 2015 holiday season to take advantage of Christmas shoppers. Of course, it’s also possible that manufacturing delays could push back delivery of the Garlic Shaker beyond January 2016 and into early to mid 2016.

Available in five different colors, the eventual retail price of the Garlic Shaker could be more than the current $25 price. Or course, there are a number of funding goals that offer perks to early backers. The $25 level offers the Garlic Shaker plus an exclusive digital cookbook only being distributed to backers. At the $50 level, backers will receive three Garlic Shaker gadgets; ideal if looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member that likes to cook. Additional levels increase the volume of Garlic Shakers delivered to a single backer.

The team is hoping to reach their first stretch goal of $50,000 before the project closes on Sep 21, 2015. If the $50,000 mark is reached, the creators of the Garlic Shaker will use the additional funds to purchase a larger manufacturing mold and spend more money on both machine and assembly time. Ideally, this should accelerate delivery of the Garlic Shaker to early Kickstarter backers as well as get the product to the retail space faster.

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