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Mike Flacy

Mike Flacy

Contributing Editor

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

police 911 burglary suspect trapped roomba

Police respond to 911 burglary call, discover suspect is a trapped Roomba

Definitely an instance where smart home technology was misidentified as human, deputies in Oregon pushed into a bathroom with guns drawn only to discover the reported burglary suspect was a Roomba wandering around the room, cleaning the floors and bumping into the walls.
tesla model s

As tax credits expire, the cost of buying a Tesla increases

Without a hefty tax credit enticing new customers, it's possible Tesla may run into sales issues in the near future. Federal tax benefits for Tesla purchases are being phased out at the end of the year, triggered by Tesla's recent achievement of selling 200,000 automobiles in the United States.
toys r us closing united states store

Toys Were Us? Toys R Us reportedly closing all 800 U.S. stores

Due to billions of dollars of debt, iconic toy retailer Toys R Us is considering selling or closing all 800 locations within the United States.
stephen hawking earth done for humans 1000 years

Stephen Hawking, acclaimed theoretical physicist, dies at 76

Confirmed by a spokesperson for the Hawking family, award-winning physicist Stephen Hawking died early Wednesday morning, March 14, in Cambridge, England.

FCC to investigate Hawaii’s erroneous missile warning

Sent in error this morning, the Hawaii Emergency Management agency issued a message that warned residents that a missile attack was imminent.
skip grocery checkout line kroger stand

You may soon be able to skip the grocery checkout line at Kroger

After a test run, Kroger is expanding the Scan, Bag, Go service to roughly 400 stores during 2018 -- ideal for skipping the checkout line.

Kodi is now available for the Xbox One, with some limitations

Previously known as Xbox Media Center, the home theater software called Kodi has been released on the Xbox One store for the first time.

Amazon expands Fire TV Alexa voice commands to Hulu, CBS, NBC, Showtime

Expanding Alexa's capabilities on Amazon's streaming devices, Fire TV owners can now use voice commands in third-party apps like Hulu.

Need to return an Amazon order? Just drop it off at Kohl’s

Initially launching in 82 retail locations, Kohl's will soon accept and process returns of products purchased online from Amazon.
HBO Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4 photo

Hackers raise the heat in HBO blackmail attempt by leaking executive’s emails

Continuing the ongoing saga related to the HBO data breach, hackers are attempting to extort a ransom from HBO by releasing private emails.
Wedding photographer

Photographer wins $1 million after reputation trashed over $125 dispute

Definitely a cautionary tale for wrongful defamation, a wedding photographer was vindicated after a jury awarded her a seven-figure judgment.
fbi warning internet connected toys 50106167  flag of painted on brick wall

FBI warns parents about the risks of using internet-connected toys

Placing emphasis on protecting kids, the FBI wants to make sure parents are researching the potential security risks of using smart toys.
Fighting Wildfires in Santa Barbara, CA (Vincent Laforet Wildfires Aerial 02)

Man arrested for delaying firefighters after flying drone over wildfire

Grounding 14 aircraft battling a massive wildfire, an Arizona man thought operating his drone in a temporary no-fly zone was a good idea.
Amazon Echo best amazon deals

Alexa update offers in-home intercom support between Echo devices

Captain America Winter Soldier 2

Disney may let guests throw Captain America’s shield at bad guys in VR

Detailed within a new patent application, a new attraction at Disney theme parks may put guests into the shoes of Marvel's Captain America.

Hackers steal Disney’s latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ demand bitcoin ransom

Possibly hurting the box office take of the next Pirates film, hackers are demanding a ransom in exchange for keeping the movie off the web.

Netflix adds HDR support on Android, but only for the LG G6

Ideal for LG G6 owners, Netflix has added support for HDR video playback within the most recent version of the company's mobile application.
Close-up of hands on a laptop keyboard in a dark room.

Hackers target French presidential candidate just before election

Similar to the hacking during the U.S. election, a large dump of emails tied to candidate Emmanuel Macron was published on the web on May 5.
A person driving a car.

Uber faces DOJ criminal investigation over its Greyball evasion software

Yet another problem for the embattled ridesharing company, Uber is facing a federal probe over software that helped evade investigators.
spacex launching internet satellites red dragon mars 2018 006

SpaceX to start launching 4,000-plus broadband internet satellites in 2019

Potentially ideal for people in rural areas of the world, SpaceX is launching a mesh network of satellites that will provide internet service.

Circle with Disney adds Alexa support, rewards for completing chores

Circle Media is launching a barrage of new apps and services for the Circle with Disney home network device, including Alexa voice support.
bill paxton actor aliens titanicapollo 13 dies 61 headshot

Bill Paxton, actor in ‘Aliens,’ ‘Titanic,’ ‘Apollo 13,’ and ‘Big Love’ dies at 61

Actor Bill Paxton, well-known for roles in films such as Aliens, Titanic and Apollo 13, has died at the age of 61.

Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app will offer remote access to DVR recordings

Comcast is launching a new mobile app that offers access to live TV streams as well as video content currently stored on the DVR.

Netflix adds SD card support on Android for downloading offline movies, TV shows


White House adds press room ‘Skype seats’ for remote reporters


‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and ‘Crossing Jordan’ star Miguel Ferrer dies at 61

jerry seinfelds comedians cars series moves netflix late 2017 in getting coffee outstanding variety talk

Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars’ series moving to Netflix in late 2017

next arrested development season five deal just weeks away 4 cast

‘Arrested Development’ season five deal is just weeks away

senate surveillance reauthorization 2017

Facing Senate hearing, eliminates all adult ad sections

Samsung KS9800 UHD TV

Samsung app update suggests Chromecast-like streaming on HDTVs


Soylent determines why its products were making people sick

Soylent is pulling more of its products. In addition to its Food Bar, it is also pulling its latest powdered drink, Soylent 1.6.

Need help with your ballot? Facebook launches voter guide

netflix subscriptions jump as stranger things drives popularity season 2 005

Netflix subscriptions jump as ‘Stranger Things’ drives popularity


Google News will start marking topics with fact checking tag