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Ditch your cords with IKEA’s wireless charging furniture


Florida teen charged with hacking felony for changing computer wallpaper


Chris Hansen may revive To Catch a Predator using Kickstarter


Citizen films fatal police shooting with smartphone, officer charged with murder

ouya onlive home screen

OnLive streaming game service closing on April 30 due to Sony buyout

verizon vulnerability left millions of users at risk

Verizon customers can now opt out of privacy-invading tracking cookies


Securifi adds smart home automation features to Almond routers


Coming soon to a bar near you: Jevo, the Keurig for Jell-O shots

hp ditches beats audio in pcs tablets for bang olufsen envy 15t

HP ditches Beats Audio in PCs, tablets for Bang & Olufsen

microsoft windows 10 july release amd reveals hands on

Microsoft commits to summer launch of Windows 10 in 190 countries

google releases emic a short film influenced by interstellar

Google releases EMIC, a short film influenced by Interstellar

Mom Shoots TV

A mom just shot her 50-inch TV because her kids watched too much of it

house of cards season 4 netflix 3

House of Cards Season 3 pirated heavily in non-Netflix countries


Sex Box, a show where couples have sex in a box, fails to impress


Firefighter fired after bragging on Facebook about killing dogs

Apple store logo

Apple will appeal $533 million patent infringement verdict


Please, be careful! Man killed by Amtrak train while posing for selfie

75 million dollars in bitcoins buried bitcoin

U.S. Marshals are going to auction more than $11 million in Bitcoin

Pinterest mobile

Pinterest makes a push into ecommerce with “Buy” button

Twitter icon

Teen gets fired on Twitter after cursing about her new job


Pilot, wife use iPads to safely crash-land without landing gear

Henn-na Hotel

High-tech hotel will use robot staff to check-in, help guests

Opening on July 17, 2015, the Henn-na Hotel will be staffed by several, humanoid robots that will do everything from checking in guests to cleaning rooms.

Katy Perry’s lawyers go after artist of 3D printable ‘Left Shark’

comcast ads third party router 4 reasons

Comcast fails again: Customers are being renamed with expletives


If you like Sling TV, you’re going to love the service Apple is cooking up


NFL, brands look to social media to manage Super Bowl buzz

bolt deadbolt can remotely unlock smartphone mounted

Bolt is a deadbolt you can remotely unlock with your phone


GoDaddy yanks Super Bowl ad after puppy mill criticism

Twitter icon

Twitter users can soon post 30-second videos, send group messages


Police are using new radar that can track you inside your home


Google is considered more trustworthy than traditional media for news


Plex is now available for the PS4 and PS3 in the U.S.

best 4K content

Marriott may offer Netflix, Hulu, Pandora access in hotel rooms


Need 100 cases of Bud Light in less than an hour? There’s an app for that