Plex is now available for the PS4 and PS3 in the U.S.

Released earlier today for the Sony PlayStation 4 as well as the previous generation PlayStation 3, media streaming company Plex has launched support for the application in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. Prior to this point, the application was available in Europe and Asia on the two consoles as of late December 2014.

According to the official Plex blog, the U.S. version of the application is identical to the overseas version and is currently available on the PlayStation application store. It’s also identical to the Xbox One version of the application which uses a vertical scrolling layout when users are perusing accessible content. Content can be streamed in 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolution, depending on the source file.

One caveat to the free application is that it requires a Plex Pass subscription in order to stream content to your Sony console. Plex offers a variety of subscription levels that include $5 for a monthly subscription, $40 for a yearly subscription or $150 for a lifetime subscription. One of the core advantages to the Plex Pass is a cloud service that lets users stream content from any location that has a capable Wi-Fi signal. Plex Sync is also an interesting feature that lets a user sync content to a mobile device in order to watch video while offline, during a flight for instance.

However, if Plex Pass doesn’t interest you, the company is planning on releasing a version of the application that lets users stream content without a subscription plan. This version of the application will come with an initial fee before downloading it though. Plex hasn’t indicated a date when this premium version of the application will be available.