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Modder combines Xbox One and PS4 into a 22-inch hybrid laptop

Created by self-proclaimed “hacker / prototyper” Eddie Zarick, the ‘PlayBox’ is an elaborate creation that stuffs the two most popular, next generation gaming consoles into a single laptop-style build. Complete with a 22-inch, 1080p LED LCD display, the device is approximately the same size as Zarick’s XBook Duo, another hybrid laptop that allows gamers to play either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One on a single device.

Detailed on his personal blog, Zarick’s PlayBox can switch between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by flipping a red switch on the back of the device. Interestingly, the PlayBox only requires a single power cord rather than two separate power connections for each console. Beside the power connection, Zarick has included two Ethernet ports for a direct wired connection to the Internet for each console.


There’s also a HDMI-out port nearby to output the video feed from either console to a large screen. In addition, there’s a smart HDMI switch within the PlayBox so the user doesn’t have to switch inputs constantly within the monitor menu. The disc drives for each console are also included, the PS4 drive on the left side and the Xbox One drive on the right side of the device.

Zarick did run into a couple problems when creating the PlayBox though. Getting the capacitive Power button on the PS4 to work on a consistent basis was impossible, but the user can simply power up the console by using the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4 controller. Zarick also had difficulty extending the USB ports on the Xbox One to the side of the case.

This particular project was specifically commissioned by a fan of Zarick’s work. If Zarick does receive more interest in the PlayBox, the device will be priced much higher than his other hybrid devices. As an example, Zarick’s PlayBook 4 (a PS4 within a similar laptop design) costs roughly $1,100 to create with a user supplied console. You can see more about the creation of the PlayBox in the video below.

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